TungLok Peking Duck review

Zhuang Jia Wen

Peking duck is on the bucket list of any foodie visiting Singapore. For over 20 years, TungLok Peking Duck has perfected this regal dish using time-honoured techniques passed down through generations.

With outlets at The Grandstand and Orchard Central, they’ve made this Imperial cuisine accessible in a polished setting.

Traditional Preparation

What makes their Peking duck shine is sticking to traditional roasting methods. Each duck is seasoned, inflated by hand, and roasted in custom ovens using Chinese wood. This results in crispy skin and tender meat infused with smoky aromas. The duck carving in front of you adds to the anticipation!

The Meal Experience

The restaurant ambience is refined yet welcoming. Begin with appetisers like wok-fried radish cake and house specialties such as shredded chicken in vinegary chilli sauce.

Then comes the main event. The Peking duck is served in three courses:

  • Light pancakes and condiments to make duck wraps
  • Soup with duck meat and veggies
  • Fried rice with remaining duck slices

It’s a marvel how every part of the duck is utilised. The thin yet fluffy pancakes balance beautifully with the meat, cucumber and savoury sauce.

Worth the Splurge

At S$78++ for a whole duck, this is a special occasion meal. However, the impeccable service, traditional preparation and indulgent courses make it worthwhile for a memorable Chinese dining experience. Don’t pass up the chance to try authentic Peking duck done to perfection.


Are there discounts for booking TungLok Peking Duck online?

Yes, there are discounts for booking TungLok Peking Duck online.

How much does the Peking duck meal cost?

The signature 3-course Peking duck meal costs S$78++ per whole duck.

What is the ideal group size to order one duck?

One whole duck can comfortably serve 2-3 adults. For larger groups, order multiple ducks.

Do they serve individual duck portions?

Yes, they offer half and quarter duck options starting from S$42++ for single diners.

What side dishes come along with the duck?

The duck is served alongside Mandarin pancakes, cucumber, scallions, hoisin sauce and pickled radish.

Is reservation required or can I walk in?

Reservation at least 2 days in advance is highly recommended as they sell out. Limited walk-ins may be accepted.

What are the operating hours?

Open daily 11:30am-2:30pm for lunch and 6pm-10:30pm for dinner. Closed on CNY.

Is there a dress code?

Smart casual dress code applies. Slippers, shorts, and sleeveless tops are not allowed.

Do they cater for dietary restrictions?

Yes, advise in advance for food allergies or restrictions. Vegetarian options available.

Can I bring my own wine or cake?

Yes, corkage fees apply for wine. Cake cutting fees apply if bringing a cake.

Do they offer delivery or takeaway?

Yes, limited delivery and takeaway of select menu items is available.

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