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Zhuang Jia Wen

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During a recent family trip to Singapore, we spent a delightful afternoon immersed in the fascinating exhibits at Trick Eye Museum. This unique attraction dedicated to 2D optical illusions and trompe l’œil artwork provided engaging interactivity and jaw-dropping photo ops that brought out our silly sides.

Immersive Exhibits

After getting our tickets, we were ushered into the first gallery, where paintings of life-size animals, mythical creatures, and flowers surrounded us in vivid detail. We were encouraged to pose creatively with the art, making it seem as if we were pulling a mermaid’s hair or wearing fantastical masks.

Seeing the photos afterward always provided a laugh as we appeared fully integrated into the clever scenes thanks to the deceptive, dimensional artwork. Our family got creative with poses throughout the museum’s 80+ exhibits spanning fantasy lands, historic scenes, and nature.

Creativity Encouraged

With each illusion artwork, we had to get inventive to “complete” the picture. I’ll never forget seeing my daughter pretend to ride a broomstick or crush my husband in her palm thanks to forced perspective tricks. Posing upside down, leaping in mid-air, and other antics made the artwork spring to life in our cameras.

The museum also thoughtfully suggested fun poses on signage by each piece to spark visitors’ creativity. We saw people of all ages playing and laughing.

Educational Aspects

While fun comes first at Trick Eye, we also learned a bit about different optical illusion techniques used in the meticulously designed pieces. Kids enjoyed finding hidden elements and games built into some artwork.

By the end, we all came away more appreciative of the craft behind trompe l’œil. But the photos we created were the real treasures!

With 150,000 visitors annually, Trick Eye Museum clearly connects by igniting playfulness through immersive art.


Can you book tickets for the trick eye museum online?

Yes, you can book tickets for the Trick Eye Museum online here.

Does the Klook Pass Singapore cover the Trick Eye Musem?

Yes, the Klook Pass Singapore covers the Trick Eye Museum.

Where is the Trick Eye Museum located in Singapore?

The Trick Eye Museum is located on Sentosa Island, at 26 Sentosa Gateway.

What types of exhibits are featured at the museum?

Exhibits feature 2D trompe l’œil optical illusion artworks across different themes like nature, fantasy, culture, and history.

How many exhibits are at the Trick Eye Museum?

There are over 80 different art pieces and optical illusions spread throughout the museum’s galleries.

How long does it take to experience the museum?

Plan to spend 1-2 hours exploring the museum depending on pace. Allow extra time if you want more photos.

Can you take photos at the exhibits?

Yes, photography and posing with the art is highly encouraged! Great mementos.

Is there an augmented reality app for the museum?

Yes, the Trick Eye app adds digital effects and animation when viewed through your camera in the exhibits.

Are kids allowed at the Trick Eye Museum?

Yes, kids love the interactive and playful exhibits. But parental guidance is advised in the museum.

Is there a gift shop at the museum?

Yes, a gift shop at the entrance has photo prints, souvenirs, optical illusion toys and books for sale.

Are food and drinks allowed inside?

No, external food or drinks are not permitted. A cafe is available at the museum entrance.

How do you get to the museum via public transport?

Take the Sentosa Express to Waterfront Station. The museum is a short 7-minute walk from there.

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