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Zhuang Jia Wen

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Tucked away on Chinese Garden Road lies a hidden gem – The Live Turtle & Tortoise Museum. As Singapore’s first and only museum dedicated to these gentle reptiles, it’s a must-visit for animal lovers and families. Read on for a glimpse into the fascinating exhibits that make this museum an exceptional experience.

An Educational Sanctuary

The Live Turtle and Tortoise Museum is primarily focused on conservation education. Alongside Displays of unique live species in natural enclosures, informative signs and exhibits highlight the diversity of turtle and tortoise species from around the world.

The museum works closely with wildlife organizations to promote the protection of these vulnerable creatures. Your ticket helps fund their efforts. By visiting, you get to learn about these amazing reptiles while supporting their future.

Impressive Collection of Species

With over 50 species of turtle and tortoise, the museum showcases an unparalleled range of exotic breeds. Where else could you potentially see critically endangered Radiated Tortoises from Madagascar and giant South American River Turtles in one place?

From teeny 4-inch turtles to 150 pound giants, observing them swimming and burrowing through meticulously designed habitats is quite mesmerizing. The darkened indoor enclosures realistically mimic their natural environments – it feels like stepping into the Amazon or African savannas.

Engaging Educational Displays

Beyond the live exhibits, the turtle and tortoise museum has rotating educational displays about topics like the illegal pet trade, species identification, and anatomy. Lifelike models, shell collections, artifacts and multimedia elements bring the content to life in interactive ways.

My favorite was the artificial reef tank revealing how pollution harms marine life. These thoughtfully curated exhibits expand your understanding of turtles and tortoises as well as conservation.

Refreshed and Inspired

After spending a couple of hours soaking in all the museum offered about these ancient creatures, I left feeling uplifted and determined to be more mindful of my impact on wildlife. Seeing the turtles and tortoises so vibrant and healthy was a bright spot in my day.

With its mix of close-up animal encounters, enriching education, and vital mission, the Live Turtle & Tortoise Museum makes for a rewarding and hope-filled visit. Don’t miss out on this Singapore jewel.


Where is the Turtle & Tortoise Museum located?

The museum is located at Chinese Garden, on Chinese Garden Road near the Chinese Garden MRT station.

What are the museum’s opening hours?

The museum is open daily from 9am to 6pm. Last entry is at 5pm. It is closed on Mondays.

How much does admission cost?

Admission is $12 for adults, $8 for children ages 3-12, and free for ages 2 and under. Discounts are available online.

What types of turtles and tortoises live at the museum?

There are over 50 different species including Red-eared Sliders, Indian Star Tortoises, Radiated Tortoises, and Southeast Asian Box Turtles.

What can visitors expect to see and do?

Visitors can observe live turtles and tortoises in naturalistic enclosures, learn from educational displays, and visit the gift shop. Touching animals is prohibited.

Does the museum have any conservation initiatives?

Yes, the museum works to promote turtle and tortoise conservation through education, breeding programs, and supporting wildlife groups.

Are food and drinks allowed?

Outside food and beverages are not allowed. Drinking water is provided. There is a cafe on site.

Is flash photography permitted?

Flash photography and tripods are prohibited within the museum as it startles the animals. Non-flash photography is fine.

Are there opportunities to adopt or sponsor an animal?

Yes, the museum has adoption and sponsorship packages to help support the resident turtles and tortoises.

Is this museum suitable for children?

Definitely! With interactive displays and unique live animals, this museum makes for an engaging and educational family outing.

Are guided tours available?

Yes, the museum offers complimentary guided tours on Saturdays and Sundays on a first come, first served basis. Private tours can also be booked.

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