Tandem Bungy Plunge at Singapore’s Skypark Sentosa review

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For thrill seekers visiting Singapore, a bungy jump off the 47m tower at Skypark Sentosa is an absolute must. Run by AJ Hackett, pioneers of bungy jumping, this iconic attraction offers both solo and tandem jumps for the ultimate adrenaline rush.

Read on for details on what makes this bungy site so highly coveted by fearless travellers.

Brave the Solo Bungy Jump

After a scenic cable car ride up Mount Faber, you’ll arrive at the entrance to Skypark Sentosa. Follow signs clearly marked “Bungy Jump” through the park to the AJ Hackett bungy zone. Check in and staff will brief you on safety before it’s time to confront the giant bungy tower looming overhead.

Steel yourself as you climb up stairs to the open-air platform 47m above ground. The panoramic views of Palawan Beach and the Singapore Strait are nearly as breathtaking as the jump itself! When it’s your turn to leap, AJ Hackett’s professional team will securely harness you in and talk you through the entire process. Then it’s just a few shuffling steps to the very edge and…BUNGY!

Free falling at high speeds before the elastic cord catches you is an incredible rush that any extreme thrill seeker will love. Solo jumps start at $119 SGD.

Take the Plunge Tandem-Style

If jumping solo isn’t intense enough, go for the Tandem Bungy experience. You and a partner are buckled tightly together before taking a synchronized leap off the platform. The few seconds of free fall feel even crazier when you hold on to each other screaming all the way down!

The expert AJ Hackett jump masters always flip impressively mid-air, making for an epic photo and memory. Tandem Bungy starts at $299 SGD per pair, an unforgettable shared experience.

With its prime location, stellar safety record and adrenaline-pumping jumps, AJ Hackett at Skypark Sentosa offers one of the best bungy experiences in the world. Don’t leave Singapore without ticking this iconic thrill off your bucket list!


Does the Klook Pass Singapore cover the Sentosa bungy jump?

Yes, the Klook Pass Singapore covers the Sentosa Bungy Jump.

Where is the AJ Hackett bungy site located?

The bungy jump platform is located at the Skypark Sentosa attraction on Sentosa Island, Singapore.

What is the height of the bungy jump?

The platform height is 47 metres (154 feet) above ground level.

Is there an age or weight limit to jump?

The minimum age is 13 years old. The weight range accepted is 35-150 kg.

Can you jump if you are pregnant?

No, pregnant women are not allowed to bungy jump for safety reasons.

Do you jump solo or tandem?

You can choose to do a solo jump, or a tandem jump harnessed to an AJ Hackett crew member.

Is a reservation or ticket required?

Yes, you must book a time slot online in advance to jump. Walk-ins are not accepted.

What does the bungy jump price include?

The bungy jump cost includes your jump, certificate, photos and video footage.

How long does the experience take?

Plan for the bungy jump experience to take 2-3 hours total including check-in, prep, jump and photo review.

Is there an observation deck for friends/family?

Yes, there is a viewing deck where your companions can watch you jump.

What should you wear/bring for bungy jumping?

Wear athletic shoes and comfortable clothing free of loose items. Bring sunscreen and sunglasses.

Can you purchase professional photos and video?

Yes, photos and a video recording of your jump can be purchased after.

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