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Zhuang Jia Wen

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While looking for adventurous attractions on Sentosa Island, I decided to confront my fear of heights by trying out SkyHelix Sentosa.

These open-air slides whisk riders down from 79 metres up for an exhilarating 45-second descent with panoramic views of Sentosa.

Although daunting, taking the literal plunge down the spiral slides proved to be great fun!

Gearing Up for the Ride

After buying my ticket from the Palawan Amphitheatre counter, I took the elevator up to the launch tower. The friendly staff double-checked my harness and safety line attachments before securing me horizontally in the open slide carriage.

Legs dangling free, I was tilted forward facing down the four winding transparent slides ahead. My heart raced looking at the dizzying vertical drop below! But before I could panic, the count down began.

Whooshing Down the Slides

With a push, I was released, instantly accelerating down the spiral lane! The wind rushed past as I rapidly picked up speed. Adrenaline pumping, I took in views of Palawan Beach and the sea receding below between my feet.

Dizzying as it was thrilling, I zoomed through tunnels and tight bends. Too soon, the wild 45-second ride ended with the gentle deceleration onto the landing pad. My hair was windswept but my smile was huge!

Panoramic Perspectives

Beyond the heart-pounding excitement, I appreciated the unique chance to take in Sentosa’s sights from steep angles only accessible at thrilling heights. Spotting the Merlion statue and Sentosa cable cars far below gave scale.

The four intertwined slides let multiple riders race simultaneously. I enjoyed the friendly competition to see who would reach the bottom first!

An Absolute Must-Try in Singapore

Though initially intimidating, SkyHelix gave me a worthwhile adrenaline rush and great views that I won’t soon forget. Conquering my fear of heights rewarded me with wonderful feelings of accomplishment.


Does the Klook Pass Singapore cover the Skyhelix?

Yes, the Klook Pass Singapore covers the Skyhelix.

Where is SkyHelix Sentosa located?

SkyHelix Sentosa is located at Imbiah Lookout, near Palawan Beach on Sentosa Island.

How tall is the SkyHelix slide ride?

The spiral slides descend from a height of 79 meters above ground level.

How fast does the SkyHelix slide ride travel?

Riders can reach speeds of up to 60 kilometres per hour descending the slides.

How long does the SkyHelix ride last?

The total ride from start to finish lasts around 45 seconds.

Is there an age, height or weight limit to ride?

Riders must be at least 110cm tall and no heavier than 120kg to meet safety requirements.

Are there health restrictions for riding?

Yes, pregnant women, heart patients, and those with back/neck conditions cannot ride.

What safety harness is provided?

Riders are secured in a full body harness attached to a safety line system. Helmets also provided.

Can you ride SkyHelix at night?

Yes, night rides are available allowing you to see Sentosa’s night lights.

Do weather conditions affect operation?

Yes, SkyHelix may be suspended during thunderstorms or heavy rain. Refunds provided if cancelled.

How do I get to SkyHelix via public transport?

Take the Sentosa Express to Imbiah Station. SkyHelix is right next to the station.

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