Pedal and Scoot Around Sentosa with GoGreen Rentals review

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Explore the sights of Sentosa car-free on a rented bike or e-scooter from GoGreen. With outlets across the island, GoGreen makes navigating Sentosa’s sprawling beaches, theme parks, and nature spots quick, affordable, and eco-friendly.

Island-wide Outlets for Picking up Rides

GoGreen has over 15 rental stations dotted all around Sentosa from Siloso Beach to Imbiah Lookout. This extensive network means an outlet is always nearby when you’re ready to ride. Look for the bright green GoGreen signs.

Rentals can be returned to any station, allowing easy one-way trips. Their app shows all locations plus real-time bike availability. Pick up and drop off takes just minutes.

Cruising on Two Wheels or Five

GoGreen offers both bicycles and e-scooters by the hour. Traditional bikes work well for leisurely rides along the beaches and paths. Gear options include single or tandem bikes, kids’ bikes, and trail bikes for hillier terrain.

For covering more ground quickly, opt for an e-scooter powered by an electric motor. Zoom from Siloso Beach to Fort Siloso, then buzz up to the Skyline Luge – all in an hour!

Affordable, Environmentally-Friendly Transport

Renting a bike or scooter is an affordable way to explore Sentosa compared to pricier buses or taxis. Rates start as low as $5/hour for bikes and $8/hour for e-scooters.

Best of all, opting for pedal or electric power over gas-guzzling vehicles reduces your environmental impact during your Sentosa day out. You’ll be getting around the island the green way!

With numerous locations, bike styles for all ages, and cheap environmentally-conscious transport, GoGreen rentals are the perfect option for navigating Sentosa on two or five wheels!


Where are GoGreen rental stations located on Sentosa?

GoGreen has over 15 rental stations around Sentosa including at the beaches, train stations, ferry terminals, hotels, and main attractions.

What types of bikes are available to rent?

GoGreen offers single and tandem bikes for adults and kids, mountain bikes, helmets, child seats, and trailers for toddlers.

What is the rental cost?

Bicycle rentals start at $5 per hour. E-scooter rentals start at $8 per hour. Discounts for multi-hour bundles.

How does the rental process work?

Use the GoGreen app to check availability, reserve, and unlock bikes. Pick up and drop off at any rental station. No need to return to original.

Is there an age restriction or height requirement?

Yes, riders must be at least 1.35m tall. Kids under 1.35m can ride in child seats or trailers. You must be 16+ for e-scooters.

Are helmets included with bike rentals?

Yes, helmets are provided and required with all bike rentals. For sanitary reasons, bring your own helmet if preferred.

Can you take GoGreen bikes or scooters off Sentosa?

No, the bikes and scooters are geo-fenced and will not operate if you try to ride off Sentosa Island.

Where can I find parking and road regulations?

Check the GoGreen app for designated parking areas. Follow all road and footpath regulations indicated.

What if there are issues with the bike or scooter during rental?

Report any issues immediately via the app. Do not attempt repairs yourself. GoGreen will handle maintenance.

What forms of payment are accepted?

GoGreen accepts most major credit cards via the app. Some stations accept cash as well.

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