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Looking for a fun way to survey Singapore by both land and sea? An exciting option is boarding one of the vibrant DUCKtours amphibious vehicles for a lively guided excursion around the city.

I took this delightfully kitschy tour on my recent visit and enjoyed seeing Singapore from this unique half-bus, half-boat.

Amphibious Vehicles

The first thing I noticed when joining a DUCKtour was the massive sight of the amphibious vehicle I’d be touring in. The brightly colored vehicle was half classic open-top double decker bus, half pink and white duck boat on four massive wheels!

These vehicles were originally used for WWII maritime warfare before being converted to ferrying tourists in style. Stepping aboard my “Wacky Quack” tour bus, the duck-themed decorations – from duck captain hats to quirky duck dolls – completed the fun, playful atmosphere.

Informative Land Tour

My journey began with a one-hour tour of Singapore’s civic district and key landmarks by road. The passionate local guide kept the humorous banter going as we passed sites like City Hall, the Esplanade, and the Marina Bay skyline.

I learned intriguing history and cultural insights that I wouldn’t have garnered on my own. The guide made sure everyone could get great views and photos from the open upper deck as we traveled.

Highlights included driving alongside the enormous cargo ships loading at the port, seeing the Singapore Flyer and Formula 1 track up close, and passing by bustling Little India and Arab Street. The street view really helped situate many attractions’ proximity.

Sailing as a Duck

Just when I was getting used to our trusty bus, we suddenly veered straight for Marina Reservoir and then – splash! – seamlessly transformed into a floating duck boat. Padding along waterways and under bridges offered a delightfully refreshing perspective on Singapore.

We pedaled by the iconic Merlion statue, glided through the Quayside Isle marina, and caught glimpses of cityscapes framed through the Marina Bay Sands. Our duck captain kept the fun trivia and stories flowing throughout this aquatic portion of the journey as well.

Before I knew it, we were back on land and returning to our start. What a whirlwind tour!

Quirky Fun for All

In just 75 minutes, the DUCKtour packed in plenty of eye-opening history and cultural insights alongside pure entertainment. The chance to experience Singapore by both road and water was truly unique, especially aboard the fun duck-themed transports.

The balance of education and quirkiness make these tours ideal for families, kids, and anyone wanting to appreciate diverse perspectives of Singapore. I’d highly recommend DUCKtours for a memorable experience that shows off the city from a new angle!


Q: What is the DUCKtour?

A: DUCKtours are amphibious open-top bus tours that provide guided trips through Singapore by road and water in remodelled WWII duck vehicles.

Q: Can I book the DUCKtour online?

A: Yes, you can book the DUCKtour online here.

Q: Does the Klook Singapore Pass cover the DUCKtour?

Yes, the Original DUCKtours is included in the Klook Singapore Pass.

Q: How long does the DUCKtour last?

A: The DUCKtour takes about 1 hour and 15 minutes total. Approximately 45 minutes are on land and 30 minutes on water.

Q: What does the tour cover?

A: The tour provides a fun overview of key landmarks like Marina Bay, the Civic District, Little India, and Clarke Quay by both road and river.

Q: How much does the DUCKtour cost?

A: Ticket prices are $43 for adults, $33 for children ages 5-12, and free for kids under 4. Family and combo deals are available.

Q: Where do DUCKtours start?

A: Tours commence at Suntec City near the Nicoll Highway. Look for the giant duck statue.

Q: Should I reserve tickets in advance?

A: Yes, it’s recommended to book online in advance as tours often sell out, especially on weekends.

Q: Are DUCKtours wheelchair accessible?

A: DUCKtours can accommodate wheelchairs and have lifts to the lower and upper decks. Please request accessibility upon booking.

Q: Are DUCKtours good for kids?

A: Definitely! DUCKtours are very family-friendly and kids will love riding in the duck-themed amphibious buses.

Q: Are DUCKtours covered by the Singapore Pass?

A: Unfortunately no. DUCKtours need to be booked directly and are not included in most Singapore tourist passes.

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