MegaZip Plunge at Singapore’s Mega Adventure Park review

Zhuang Jia Wen

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While looking for adventurous things to do on my Singapore vacation, the exhilarating MegaZip at Mega Adventure Park caught my eye. This 450-meter long zip line promised speeds up to 60 km/h while soaring over lush greenery. I decided to confront my fear of heights and take the plunge!

Getting Suited Up for Safety

After checking in at the MegaZip counter, I was fitted with a climbing harness, helmet and gloves by the knowledgeable staff. They thoroughly explained proper braking techniques and ensured my gear was securely fastened and comfortable.

I also had to sign a waiver form due to the physical nature of the activity. But soon I was standing at the launch platform ready to be hooked onto the cable line.

Flying Through the Tree Canopy

With a final gear check by staff, I was clear for takeoff! I leapt from the platform and instantly soared at exhilarating speed over the undulating tree canopy. The intense whizzing by of greenery heightened the adrenaline rush.

Trying to take in the views, I spotted the Singapore Flyer and Mount Faber hill in the distance. But before I knew it, I was gliding up to the landing platform. The 90-second airtime flew by!

A Thrill Like No Other

Once grounded, I realized my heart was pumping and my knees shaking – that’s how intense the thrill of the MegaZip was! Conquering my inner fear to soar like Superman over the trees gave me such a burst of energy and sense of achievement.

For fitness junkies, adventure seekers, and height daredevils, MegaZip lets you experience the adrenaline rush of flying.


Can you book MegaZip online?

Yes, you can book MegaZip online here.

Where is MegaZip located?

MegaZip is located at Mega Adventure Park within Sports Hub by the Singapore National Stadium.

What is the length and height of MegaZip?

The zip line ride is 450 meters long and extends up to 17 stories/60 meters high off the ground at its peak.

How fast can you travel on the MegaZip?

Riders can zip along the line at speeds up to 60kph thanks to the steepness of the line.

Is there an age, height or weight limit to ride?

Riders must be at least 13 years old and no heavier than 120kg to meet safety requirements.

What safety gear do riders wear?

Riders are secured in a full body harness, helmet and gloves. The gear is all provided.

How long does the MegaZip ride last?

The zip line ride itself lasts around 90 seconds from launch to landing.

Can you ride MegaZip at night?

Yes, night rides are available on Saturday evenings, offering views of the city lights.

Do riders have to take any training?

No training needed – staff provide a safety briefing and your gear is securely attached for you.

How should you dress for MegaZip?

Wear athletic closed toe shoes and comfortable stretchy athletic clothing. Avoid skirts and dresses.

How far in advance should MegaZip be booked?

Book a few days ahead online to secure your preferred date/time slot. Same-day walk-ins may be limited.

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