Marina Bay Sands Skypark observation deck review

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No visit to Singapore is complete without heading up to the breathtaking Marina Bay Sands Skypark. Perched 200 meters above the city on the iconic hotel’s 57th floor, the vast observation deck grants sweeping 360 degree views of Singapore’s skyline and beyond.

Gliding up in the futuristic elevators and taking in the panorama made for an unforgettable experience.

Smooth Ride to the Skypark

After purchasing my ticket online, I quickly passed through security screening and stepped into an express elevator whisking visitors up to the skypark. In under 30 seconds, we soared up 57 floors to the roof. Stepping out, floor-to-ceiling windows revealed we were now floating above the city.

The skypark’s elegant architecture and almost airport-like layout allowed easy public access while still part of a major hotel. I walked straight toward the unmistakable panoramic view ahead.

Breathtaking 360 Degree Views

Walking outside to the skypark’s observation deck, my jaw dropped at the incredible panorama. From 200 meters up, all of Singapore was laid out before my eyes. To the east, cargo ships dotted the sea. Turning south took in Sentosa Island and Sisters Islands framed by the shoreline.

Looking west, the skyline dazzled with the Esplanade’s spiky domes, anchored by the towering CBD skyscrapers just across Marina Bay. Even traveling widely, the sweeping views from the Marina Bay Sands Skypark had to rank among the most stunning I’ve experienced.

Ideal Viewing After Dark

While the daylight views impressed, I recommend visiting the skypark observation deck at sunset or after dark when Singapore dazzles. As night fell, I watched the cityscape ignite in glittering lights reflecting off the water. An almost romantic atmosphere settled over the space.

The skypark stays open until 10pm, making it easy to take in evening views. With live music performances at times adding to the ambiance, this proved the perfect way to conclude my visit.

Must-Visit Singapore Attraction

The incredible panoramas from atop the Marina Bay Sands cemented the Skypark as a must-visit Singapore attraction. This vantage point captures the city’s energy and offers photo opportunities found nowhere else. I easily could have lingered for hours.


Can I Book Marina Bay Sands Skypark observation deck Tickets Online?

Yes, you can book Marina Bay Sands Skypark observation deck tickets online here.

Is The Marina Bay Sands Skypark observation deck Covered By The Klook Pass Singapore?

Yes, the Marina Bay Sands Skypark observation deck is covered by the Klook Pass Singapore.

How high is the Marina Bay Sands Skypark Observation Deck?

The skypark is located 200 meters (650 feet) high on the 57th floor of the hotel tower.

Are tickets required to visit the skypark?

Yes, you need to purchase admission tickets either online in advance or on-site to access the observation deck.

What can you see from the skypark?

There are stunning 360 degree views of the Singapore skyline, Gardens by the Bay, Strait of Singapore, and more.

Is there an indoor portion?

Yes, there is an indoor gallery section with information on Marina Bay Sands’ architecture and construction.

How long can you stay at the skypark?

There is no time limit – you can stay as long as you want during opening hours with your ticket.

When are the best times to visit the skypark?

Aim for sunset, evening or nighttime hours to see Singapore lit up. Weekdays are also less crowded.

Can you dine at the skypark?

Unfortunately dining is not available. The observation deck is just for viewing and photographs.

Is the skypark suitable for children?

Yes, children are welcome but must be supervised by parents at all times for safety.

Is the skypark wheelchair accessible?

Yes, the observation deck area is accessible for wheelchairs and mobility devices via elevator.

How do you get to the skypark from the MRT?

Take the MRT to Bayfront Station. The hotel is easily walkable through underground links.

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