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As a first-time visitor to Singapore, I was eager to visit the iconic Gardens by the Bay. This sprawling garden complex has quickly become one of Singapore’s most famous attractions since opening in 2012.

Getting up close to the towering Supertree Grove and massive cooled conservatories offered an unforgettable experience.

Initial Impressions

After taking the MRT to the Bayfront station, I took the convenient underground walkway directly into Gardens by the Bay. Emerging into the expansive space, I was immediately struck by the sheer grandeur of the park. The 16-story Supertree Grove loomed over the garden, almost sci-fi like in appearance. I could already tell this would be an impressive oasis from the city.

The Entry Plaza area was pristinely maintained with unique sculptures and plenty of visitors milling about. After getting my ticket, I opted to first visit the Cloud Forest dome, which houses a tall mountain covered in vegetation inside.

Exploring the Enormous Cloud Forest

The Cloud Forest conservatory soars to 115 feet and has multiple levels to explore. A spectacular waterfall pours down the central mountain structure,representing the moist conditions of tropical montane regions. The first level around the mountain base focuses on exotic plant species from tropical highlands.

I was amazed by the diverse vegetation like orchids, ferns and carnivorous plants. The highlight for me was walking through the tunnels that cut through the heart of the mountain. The view looking down from within the mountain into the waterfall and lush jungle canopy was breathtaking. The upper levels of the Cloud Forest feature aerial walkways across the mountain peaks. The changing perspective allows appreciating how the mountain ecosystem develops at different altitudes.

The Cloud Forest also showcases geological wonders like stalactites and sparkling crystals. I can understand why this bold conservatory has won numerous architectural awards. The designs seamlessly integrate nature, education and sheer grandeur.

Strolling Through the Flower Dome

After grabbing lunch at one of the onsite cafes, I headed over to the second conservatory – the unique Flower Dome. This giant glass greenhouse replicates the dry Mediterranean climates found across the world. The Flower Dome meticulously recreates geographical areas from South Africa, California, Europe and other Mediterranean zones through distinct garden spaces.

I was impressed by the sheer variety of flowers and plants cultivated. From bright baobabs to olive groves, the dome packs in a world of botanic diversity. One could spend hours taking in the colors and scents across regions. Special exhibits were also featured like insect sculptures integrated into plant beds. Events like art displays are also held in the Flower Dome.

The Flower Field area was particularly stunning, with thousands of vibrant blooms like lilies, sunflowers and daisies. I captured some great photos against this colorful floral backdrop. There are simply so many unique plants and photo opportunities within the high-tech Flower Dome.

The Magnificent Supertree Grove

Finally, I headed outdoors to the famed Supertree Grove as the Garden’s lights began coming on for the evening light show. This collection of 16 soaring “Supertrees” ranging from 25 to 160 feet tall is visually spectacular. Each Supertree is designed with over 160,000 individual plants coating its vertical, treelike shape.

The dazzling solar-powered trees light up magnificently at night. I relaxed at the Supertree Grove gardens during the nightly light show, with the Supertrees blinking and shimmering to music. Watching the choreographed display from the 50-foot aerial walkway connecting several supertrees was mesmerizing. Even after hours of exploring, the Supertree Grove was the crowning jewel of Gardens by the Bay.

A Feast for the Senses

By the time I left Gardens by the Bay after sunset, my senses were overloaded—in the best way. The imaginative gardens, educational conservatories, and iconic Supertree Grove combine to create an unforgettable experience.

Exploring Gardens by the Bay occupied my entire day, but it was worth every minute. No visitor to Singapore should miss out on this magnificent attraction that offers the perfect blend of nature, art and majesty. It sets the bar high for what a modern urban garden can be.


Q: Can you book tickets for Gardens by the Bay online?

Yes, you can book tickets for Gardens by the Bay online here.

Q: Is Gardens by the Bay included in the Klook Singapore Pass?

Yes, Gardens by the Bay is included in the Klook Singapore Pass. The 2-day, 3-day and 4-day Klook Singapore Passes all provide one-time admission to the Gardens by the Bay attraction.

This means visitors who purchase the Klook Singapore Pass can use it to gain free entry to explore Gardens by the Bay’s popular dome conservatories and Supertree Grove, without having to buy separate tickets.

When planning your itinerary, make sure to schedule your Klook Singapore Pass usage day to align with when you want to visit Gardens by the Bay. The pass does need to be used on consecutive days. But having Gardens by the Bay as part of the bundled attractions provides a good opportunity to save on admission costs.

So in summary – yes, the Klook Singapore Pass includes one complimentary visit to Gardens by the Bay, a significant value given normal ticket prices. This is a great way to experience this world-famous Singapore landmark as part of your city pass.

Q: What are the operating hours for Gardens by the Bay?

A: Gardens by the Bay’s standard operating hours are 9am to 9pm daily. The last admission is at 8pm. However, hours may vary by attraction so check the website for updates.

Q: What is there to see and do at Gardens by the Bay?

A: There are 3 main attractions – the Cloud Forest dome, Flower Dome conservatory, and Supertree Grove. You can visit floral shows, walk the aerial walkway, and enjoy dining and shopping options.

Q: How much do tickets cost to visit Gardens by the Bay?

A: There are a few ticket options:

  • Single conservatory tickets are $28 for the Flower Dome or Cloud Forest
  • A two-conservatory ticket is $49 for both Flower Dome and Cloud Forest
  • Children under 12 receive free entry

Q: Is there a best time of day or year to visit Gardens by the Bay?

A: The Flower Dome features different floral displays depending on season. Light shows at night in the Supertree Grove are also popular. Avoid major holidays if you dislike crowds.

Q: Are there restaurants or food options available inside?

A: Yes, Gardens by the Bay has several cafes and restaurants. Satay by the Bay offers local hawker fare and Supertree Dining has more upscale options.

Q: Is Gardens by the Bay suitable for kids and families?

A: Definitely, the gardens are very family-friendly. Kids will especially enjoy the Supertree Grove and environmental exhibits. Strollers can be rented onsite.

Q: How do I get to Gardens by the Bay?

A: The best way is via the MRT – take the Circle Line or East-West Line to Bayfront Station. You can walk easily from there via underground links. Buses and taxis are also options.

Q: Are there COVID-19 restrictions for visiting?

A: Gardens by the Bay requires all visitors to use TraceTogether for entry. Face masks must be worn. Check the website for the latest guidelines.

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