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Zhuang Jia Wen

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As an avid hobbyist always looking to pick up new creative skills, I was thrilled to discover Klook’s ceramic and pottery workshop experience in Singapore. During this lively 3-hour class, I learned beginner techniques for crafting beautiful ceramic pieces from start to finish.

Welcoming Workshop

The workshop was held at the Arty Farty Place studio in the Kampong Glam neighborhood, a cozy open space and gallery for local artists and artisans. Upon arrival, the instructor Winnie warmly welcomed our small group of 6 participants.

Her upbeat, encouraging demeanor immediately put me at ease, as did the laidback atmosphere. We donned aprons and settled in at workstations outfitted with pottery wheels and ample clay. After a quick demo, we were ready to get hands on!

Spinning My First Pot

I decided to try my hand first at spinning a basic pot on the wheel – one of the most quintessential ceramic skills. This proved harder than anticipated! Centering the clay just right then raising the vessel without getting lopsided took focus and persistence.

Luckily, Winnie provided one-on-one guidance, gently correcting my grip and speed. Her expert tips helped me center increasingly uniform pots. Seeing my misshapen bowls slowly transform into balanced vessels through practice brought immense satisfaction.

Handbuilding Techniques

Next we explored handbuilding techniques for sculpting clay without a wheel. I crafted a small geometric wall hanging by rolling coils and slabs then joining them together – testing my creativity.

For a more ambitions project, I used clay slip and paddle tools to carve a decorative bowl with floral shapes. Winnie provided demos and advice to turn our raw ideas into ceramic reality. I was amazed how much could be created by hand.

Glazing and Firing

Once our creations dried sufficiently over the following week, we returned for a glazing and paint workshop. We learned how to mix glazes and apply them for decorative effects like ombre gradients. I painted my pieces in a signature sea green hue.

It was thrilling to see the vibrant results once my items were retrieved from the kiln firing several days later. Though not perfect, my handmade ceramics made me beam with pride and sense of accomplishment.

Rewarding Creativity

As a ceramic novice, Klook’s pottery workshop exceeded my expectations with its welcoming vibe, talented instructor, and well-equipped facilities. Over 3 hours, I spun my first pot, handbuilt unique pieces, and glazed creations to take home – all while picking up new skills.

The workshop showed ceramics can be enjoyed at any skill level thanks to patient guidance. My one complaint is I wished it lasted longer! For anyone seeking to explore their creative side through clay, this is a rewarding Singapore experience.


Q: Can I book online?

Yes, you can book the workshop online here.

Q: Where is the ceramic workshop located?

A: The workshop is held at Arty Farty Place studio in Kampong Glam. The exact address is listed when booking.

Q: What’s included in the workshop?

A: The 3-hour workshop includes aprons, all clay and tools, demos and guidance, glazing, and kiln firing. You take home 2-4 finished pieces.

Q: What ceramic skills do you learn?

A: Skills covered include wheel throwing pots, hand building techniques, sculpting, and glazing. The workshop is suitable for all levels.

Q: What are the workshop hours?

A: Workshops are held on weekends and some weeknights. Each workshop runs for 3 hours. Exact timing is provided upon booking.

Q: How many people attend each workshop?

A: Workshops are kept small with a maximum of 8 people to ensure personalized attention.

Q: How long until finished pieces are ready?

A: Clay pieces require about 1 week of drying before a second workshop for glazing/painting. Fired items are ready for pickup 1 week after glazing.

Q: What if I can’t attend a second workshop?

A: You can opt to have pieces glazed on your behalf if unable to attend the glazing workshop.

Q: Can children attend the workshop?

A: Yes, children 8 years old and up can attend with adult supervision.

Q: What should I wear to the workshop?

A: Wear old clothing that can get messy. An apron will be provided but clay can still stain clothes.

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