Bouncing Off the Walls at Bouncetopia with My Kids (review)

Zhuang Jia Wen

As a parent, I’m always on the hunt for fun new playgrounds and activities for my two young kids in Singapore. We recently discovered Bouncetopia, an incredible indoor trampoline park, and it’s quickly become our favorite mother-son-daughter adventure.

Stepping inside the massive warehouse, my children’s eyes lit up at the sight of interconnected trampolines forming obstacle courses, slam dunk lanes, climbing walls and pits filled with foam cubes to jump into. “This place is epic!” my 7 year old proclaimed as he took off sprinting and bouncing from one trampoline to the next.

My little daredevil quickly made himself at home on the ninja-style obstacle course, seeing how fast he could bounce over each hurdle. My 5 year old daughter preferred jumping as high as she could then landing on her bum in the foam pits. Their laughter and excitement was music to my ears.

Watching my kids test their limits and try daring new tricks gave me a thrill too. I joined in during parent-child sessions, though their boundless energy definitely outlasted mine! Nothing beats the shared joy of bouncing together.

With facilities specially designed for kids of all ages, Bouncetopia is the ultimate indoor playground on rainy days or when we need some active family fun time. My children can’t wait for our next jumping session! This hidden gem tire them out and provide priceless memories.


Is there a discount for booking Bouncetopia online?

Yes, there’s a discount for booking Bouncetopia online.

What age is appropriate for Bouncetopia?

Bouncetopia caters to kids aged 3-16 years old. Children under 6 must be supervised.

What safety gear do kids need to wear?

Non-slip socks are mandatory. Knee and elbow pads are recommended for young kids. Grips socks can be purchased on-site.

Are there different play zones based on age?

Yes, areas are divided by age group – under 6, 7-12 years, and 13+ for older kids.

What’s the maximum jump session time?

Sessions are 90 minutes long. This is an appropriate duration before kids get tired.

Do parents need a ticket to accompany kids?

Yes, parents must purchase an admission ticket to enter even if not bouncing. Spectating is allowed.

Is food or drink allowed inside?

No outside food is permitted but vending machines with snacks and drinks are available on-site.

How far in advance should you book?

Booking 1-2 weeks in advance is recommended as sessions fill fast, especially on weekends.

Can adults jump without kids?

Yes! They have dedicated adult jumping sessions late nights and weekends.

What COVID precautions are in place?

Enhanced cleaning, social distancing measures, temperature checks, and contact tracing are implemented.

Are birthdays or events hosted here?

Yes, they offer birthday party packages with food, reserved jump time, and party hosts.

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