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Zhuang Jia Wen

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As a long-time fan of James Cameron’s epic Avatar film franchise, I was beyond excited to experience Avatar: The Experience at Singapore’s Gardens by the Bay.

This incredibly immersive attraction brings the fantastical, bioluminescent world of Pandora to life through stunningly detailed sets, alien landscapes, soaring animatronics and thrilling ride simulations.

Exploring the lush jungles of Pandora up close made for an unforgettable experience that exceeded my lofty expectations.

Queuing Through Pandora

After securing my timed entry ticket, I joined the queue line brimming with anticipation. Passing through misty caves filled with alien calls and artifacts immediately set the stage.

The line wound through 800 meters of craftily themed grottoes transporting us to the Alpha Centauri system. When the grand doors finally opened, I stepped eagerly into Pandora.

Walking Among Wonders in the Valley of Mo’ara

I gazed in wonder at the alien rainforest brought to life before me, complete with imports like spiral helicoradian plants and floating mountains visible in the distance.

My helpful Na’vi guide provided fascinating insights into Pandoran ecology as we passed animatronic Hammerhead Titans seemingly stomping through the valley. The realism and details left me awestruck.

The Bioluminescent Beauty of the Sacred Spirit Grove

Entering the highlight Grove zone, I audibly gasped. This cavernous indoor forest was illuminated by the magical glow of bioluminescent flora, mushroom circles and intricate crystal formations.

I felt like an ant wandering through this alien world alive with vivid neon colors. Dancing sprites swirled overhead as projections created the illusion of a seamlessly immersive space.

The graceful Na’vi figures chanting spiritual songs complemented the fantasy. I could have lingered for hours soaking in the alien beauty surrounding me.

Riding a Mountain Banshee

Climbing atop a lifelike Mountain Banshee in the ride simulator, I took flight across Pandora on an exhilarating 3D journey. As my Banshee dipped through floating Hallelujah Mountains, I felt the wind and mist on my face. By intuitively maneuvering my banshee using body movements, I became one with my trusty steed.

This thrilling climax left me buzzing long after the 15 minute experience ended. I did not want to leave Pandora!

An Absolute Triumph

Avatar: The Experience exceeded every expectation. The creative worldbuilding, stunning environments, seamless animatronic Na’vi figures and exciting ride simulations made me feel I had truly walked among alien life on Pandora. The wait was worth every second.

This is an absolute must-visit for any Avatar devotee making the pilgrimage to Singapore. I cannot wait to return and relive the magic again on my next trip! Cameron would surely marvel at this masterful re-creation of his blockbuster films.


Can you buy tickets for Avatar: The Experience online?

Yes, you can buy them online here.

Does the Klook Singapore Pass cover Avatar: The Experience?

No, Avatar: The Experience at Gardens by the Bay is not included in the Klook Singapore Pass. The Klook Singapore Pass covers admission to attractions like Gardens by the Bay, Singapore Zoo, Sentosa Island, Universal Studios Singapore and more, but Avatar: The Experience requires separate ticketing.

If you want to visit Avatar: The Experience in addition to the attractions bundled with the Klook Singapore Pass, you would need to purchase tickets at your own expense. Avatar: The Experience is not affiliated with or covered by the Klook pass.

Where is Avatar: The Experience located?

Avatar: The Experience is located at Gardens by the Bay in Singapore. It is in the Flower Dome section.

What does the experience include?

The 25-45 minute experience includes indoor exhibits recreating Pandora’s bioluminescent forest, animatronic Na’vi figures, special effects, and a simulated Mountain Banshee ride.

What are the queues like?

The queue features extensive theming through mystical Pandoran caves and scenery to set the mood before entering the main experience.

How much do tickets cost?

Tickets purchased online start at around $25 SGD for adults and $15 SGD for children aged 3-12 years. Under 3 free.

How long is the experience?

The full experience takes 25-45 minutes including the simulated banshee ride. Time inside can be extended by lingering in the exhibits.

Is it suitable for young children?

It is family friendly but some areas may be frightening for children under 5 years. Strollers are not permitted inside.

Are food and drinks allowed?

No outside food or drinks are permitted inside the experience. Dining is available separately at Gardens by the Bay.

When are the best times to visit?

Early weekdays tend to be less crowded. Avoid weekends and school holidays for lighter crowds.

Are there height restrictions?

Riders on the Mountain Banshee simulator must be at least 102 cm tall. There are no height limits on the walking trails.

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