Your Guide to Changi Airport’s World-Class Terminals and Amenities

Goh Jun Cheng

Singapore Changi Airport consistently ranks among the world’s best airports, renowned for its efficiency, amenities and service excellence. As a major Asian hub, Changi comprises multiple terminals seamlessly connected to serve over 70 million passengers annually.

This comprehensive guide will provide an overview of Changi’s different terminals, the facilities and services offered in each one, and how to navigate between them.

Whether you’re an air travel novice or a seasoned jetsetter, read on to discover all Changi has to offer to make your airport experience smooth, comfortable and enjoyable.

Changi Airport’s Current Terminals

Changi Airport has four main passenger terminals:

  • Terminal 1 – Changi’s first terminal, opened in 1981
  • Terminal 2 – Opened in 1990 to handle airport growth
  • Terminal 3 – Opened in 2008, tripling airport capacity
  • Terminal 4 – Opened in 2017, boosts capacity by 16 million passengers per year

There are also smaller terminal buildings for private and business aviation. Jewel Changi Airport, opened in 2019, adds vast entertainment, retail and dining offerings.

Together, the four main terminals handle flights from over 100 international airlines and connect Singapore to over 400 cities worldwide.

Key Facilities and Services at Each Terminal

Though differing in age and architectural style, Changi’s four terminals offer similar world-class facilities and amenities:

Check-in Areas – Self-service kiosks and staffed counters are available. Departures, arrivals and transfers are clearly signposted.

Security Screening – Multiple lanes with advanced scanning technology ensure efficient security checks.

Shopping – Vast airside duty-free shopping areas with everything from local souvenirs to luxury brands.

Dining – A huge mix of cafes, food courts and fine dining restaurants cater to all tastes around the clock.

Lounges – Airline, pay-per-entry and exclusive lounges offer spaces to relax, refresh and network before flying.

Entertainment – Movie theatres, gaming zones, music listening stations and play areas keep passengers of all ages entertained.

Internet Access – Free high-speed WiFi and Internet stations are readily available across terminals.

Medical – Airport medical and dental centers provide healthcare services for travellers’ needs.

Hotels – Transit hotels within terminals offer nap rooms and full suites to rest on long layovers.

Fitness – Gym facilities, swimming pools and yoga rooms allow passengers to refresh and recharge.

Nursing Rooms – Private, comfortable rooms exist across terminals for breastfeeding mothers.

Customer Service – Help counters and customer service booths assist passengers with any questions. Support for those with special needs.

Airport signage is clear, airport staff are friendly and helpful, and terminals are kept sparkling clean around the clock.

Seamless Connectivity Between Terminals

Changi’s terminals are designed for maximum connectivity and convenience getting between terminals:

  • Terminals 1, 2 and 3 are directly connected airside via pedestrian routes. No need to re-clear immigration.
  • Link bridges connect concourses within each terminal for quick access to gates.
  • The complimentary Changi Airport Skytrain links Terminals 2 and 3 in under 2 minutes.
  • Airport shuttle buses run between the Budget Terminal and other terminals 24/7.
  • Singapore’s metro system links to Terminals 2 and 3 for quick connections.
  • For Terminal 4, the airport MRT line offers easy access to Terminals 2 and 3.
  • Airport signage and staff make navigating straightforward.

This exceptional connectivity enables effortless transit between terminals and concourses. Passengers can easily access any terminal’s facilities.

Jewel Changi Airport

No overview of Changi Airport is complete without mentioning Jewel Changi Airport. Opened in 2019, Jewel adds a sprawling mixed-use domed facade on Terminal 1 housing:

  • Over 300 shopping and dining outlets
  • Lush indoor gardens with thousands of trees and plants
  • Attractions like mazes, aviation exhibits, and light shows
  • Indoor forest walking trails and waterfalls
  • Movie theatre, gym, and airport hotel
  • Direct access to Terminal 1 and transport links

Jewel offers visitors, travellers, and Singapore residents alike a wealth of entertainment, retail, and dining in an architecturally stunning garden setting under glass. It has quickly become a Changi centrepiece.


Changi Airport’s multiple terminals, seamless connectivity, and extensive facilities combine to offer passengers exceptional convenience, comfort, and amenities regardless of which terminal they travel through.

From luxurious lounges and light, airy interiors to high-tech self-service and soothing interior landscaping, Changi Airport remains committed to delivering intuitive, stress-free travel experiences.

Whether making a connection, shopping on arrival, or relaxing before your flight, Changi’s terminals have you covered. With details in this guide, navigating Changi’s terminals is a breeze.

So next time you find yourself at Changi Airport, explore all the possibilities waiting at your fingertips thanks to thoughtful design, customer service, and sheer scale. Changi continues pushing the boundaries to remain the world’s finest airport experience for passengers of all types.

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