When to Apply for a Singapore Tourist Visa

Goh Jun Cheng


Singapore is a popular travel destination known for its diverse culture, mouthwatering cuisine, stunning architecture, and beautiful natural areas.

As a tourist visiting Singapore, you will need to obtain a visa in advance unless you are from a country that has a visa exemption agreement with Singapore. Knowing when to apply for your Singapore tourist visa is an important part of trip planning to ensure you receive it in time.

This guide will provide tips on when you should submit your Singapore visa application based on your travel dates and nationality.

Determine Your Visa Requirements

The first step is to check if you need a visa at all to visit Singapore. Citizens of over 170 countries qualify for either a 30 or 90-day visa-free entry to Singapore. If your country is on this list, you can enter Singapore without a visa as a tourist.

However, if your country is not part of the visa-waiver program, you will need to apply for a Singapore tourist visa before travel. Some nationalities like China and India have specific visa requirements, so check carefully. The visa application process and requirements vary by nationality.

Factor in Processing Time

Once you confirm you need a tourist visa, the next key consideration is processing time. It can take anywhere from 3 days to 2 weeks for a Singapore visa application to be approved depending on factors like nationality and method of application.

Most nationalities can complete an eVisa application online which speeds up processing. Paper applications submitted by mail generally take longer.

Check the current visa processing timelines to get an idea of how long you may have to wait for visa approval. Add the processing time to the date you want to travel to determine when you should apply.

Rush Options

If you are running short on time, some visa application centers offer expedited processing for an extra fee. There is also the option to pay for premium services like 1 or 2 day processing.

Just be aware these rush services can cost $100 or more on top of the standard visa fee. The express fees guarantee faster processing, but don’t guarantee the visa will be approved.

Apply Early for Peak Travel Times

Aim to submit your Singapore tourist visa application 1-2 months in advance of travel dates. Applying early helps avoid any delays, and gives you flexibility if you need to send any additional documents.

It is especially important to apply early if you are traveling during major holidays and events when demand for visas spikes. Timeframes around:

  • Chinese New Year (January/February)
  • School Holidays (May-August)
  • Formula 1 (September)
  • Christmas/New Year (December)

Applying well in advance for these peak seasons reduces stress and ensures you get approved in time.

Avoid Last Minute Applications

While it may be tempting to wait until the last minute, avoid applying for a Singapore tourist visa right before your departure date. Rushing the application leaves no room for error.

If there are any issues with your application such as missing documents, it can lead to significant delays and risk not getting approved in time. Leaving a buffer of at least 2 weeks between your submission and travel date is recommended.

Last minute applications also incur express processing fees to try and expedite the process. Applying early following the normal procedure saves you money.


Planning ahead and knowing when to apply for a Singapore tourist visa ensures a smooth application process. Check if you need a visa, look up processing times for your nationality, and submit at least 1-2 months in advance, more if traveling during peak times.

Avoid last minute applications leaving no room for delays. Applying early with all required documents gives you the best chance for timely approval and a stress-free visa application experience.


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