What Kind of Jobs Can Grant You a Singapore Visa?

Goh Jun Cheng

Singapore is known for its prosperous economy and abundance of job opportunities. Many foreigners dream of living and working there. But getting a work visa in Singapore can be competitive.

Your job offer must meet certain criteria to qualify you for an Employment Pass allowing you to relocate.

This article explores what types of jobs are most likely to grant you a coveted Singapore work visa.

High-Paying Professional Jobs

The easiest way to get a Singapore work visa is to land a high-paying professional occupation in demand there. Applicants with the following backgrounds tend to have an advantage:

Finance and Banking

With Singapore’s status as a financial hub, banking and finance jobs are plentiful. Major global banks like HSBC, Citibank, and Standard Chartered have a large presence. Investment firms, hedge funds, and financial tech companies also recruit foreign talent. Jobs like investment bankers, fund managers, financial analysts, and fintech engineers are likely to meet the salary threshold for an Employment Pass.

Information Technology

Singapore has a thriving technology sector spanning software engineering, cybersecurity, game development, data science, and more. Multinational tech firms like Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn have regional headquarters in Singapore. Startups are also abundant. Software developers, data analysts, DevOps engineers, product managers, and other IT professionals are in high demand for tech jobs paying six-figure salaries.

Engineering and Infrastructure

From transport to utilities to construction, Singapore’s world-class infrastructure requires expertise. Civil, electrical, and mechanical engineers are recruited for major infrastructure projects. Architects design iconic buildings and developments. Project managers oversee complex initiatives. These critical roles offer salaries meeting Singapore’s visa requirements.


Singapore aims to be a medical tourism hub with advanced healthcare facilities. Hospital networks like SingHealth and National University Health System hire doctors, nurses, pharmacists, researchers, and technicians. Specialists like oncologists, cardiologists, and neurologists are especially sought-after given Singapore’s aging population. Healthcare salaries easily clear visa salary bars.

Corporate Leadership

Multinational companies base APAC headquarters in Singapore. They seek proven corporate executives to lead regional operations. Examples are regional VPs of sales, marketing, finance, HR, supply chain, and more. Seasoned business leaders with international experience can expect generous six-figure expat packages.

In-Demand Technical Skills

Beyond high-level professional roles, Singapore also recruits technical specialists with niche skill sets. Some examples include:

  • Software engineers – Python, React, Java, Scala, Ruby on Rails
  • Data professionals – Hadoop, Spark, SQL, Tableau, Machine Learning
  • Cybersecurity experts – Penetration testing, ethical hacking, risk management
  • Blockchain developers – Solidity, Hyperledger, Ethereum, Corda, Ripple
  • Cloud architects – AWS, Azure, OpenShift, VMware, OpenStack

Technical specialists with certifications and skills in high demand can obtain an S-Pass or Employment Pass even without a degree. The key is having rare expertise that local talent lacks.

Experienced Managers and Executives

While Singapore does hire young graduates, the country has a notable preference for seasoned talent. Experienced managers and directors with 10-15+ years of experience have an edge for coveted visas. Multinationals value executives with a proven track record managing global teams and portfolios. Demonstrated success in roles like:

  • Regional Sales Director
  • Marketing VP
  • Operations Manager
  • Supply Chain Head
  • CFO
  • CTO

These experienced leaders can expect generous expat packages meeting Singapore’s high salary requirements. Longevity and stability in previous roles also help project employment continuity in Singapore.

Other In-Demand Fields

Beyond the major categories above, Singapore also recruits foreign talent in fields like:

  • Logistics and supply chain
  • Commercial ship management
  • Aviation and aerospace
  • Maritime technology
  • Chemical engineering
  • Biomedical research
  • Petrochemicals
  • Luxury retail
  • Food manufacturing

So don’t rule out your industry! Research the latest hiring trends and skills shortages to identify targets. Reach out to recruiters and hiring managers to pitch your value proposition. With strategic job searching, you can uncover roles that qualify for Singapore’s coveted work visas.

Key Takeaways

  • High paying jobs in banking, IT, engineering, healthcare, and corporate leadership facilitate work visas.
  • Technical specialists with in-demand skills like software development can qualify.
  • Managers and executives with 10-15+ years of experience have an advantage.
  • Additional fields like supply chain, chemical engineering, and petrochemicals hire foreign workers.
  • Conduct market research to identify skills shortages and tailor your search accordingly.

With careful career planning, you can land a Singapore job that ticks all the boxes. Preparation and persistence are key. So polish your resume and network proactively to make your Singapore job dreams a reality. The opportunities are out there.


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