Getting Around Singapore with the Travel Card (NETS FlashPay)

Goh Jun Cheng

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For tourists visiting Singapore, the multipurpose Travel Card (NETS FlashPay) offers a convenient and affordable option to pay for public transportation seamlessly.

Here is a comprehensive guide to using this stored value contactless travel card during your Singapore vacation.

Buying the Travel Card

The NETS FlashPay Travel Card can be conveniently purchased at transit stations, 7-Elevens, and Changi Recommends outlets across Singapore. You’ll pay a $5 non-refundable cost for the card itself.

Choose the initial stored value you wish to load onto the card, from $10 to $500. The card deducts payments “tap and go” style as you commute around Singapore. Top ups can be done easily at many locations.

Activating Your Card

After purchasing, you’ll need to activate the Travel Card at special activation machines before first use. Simply tap the card on the reader and enter some identification details when prompted to activate it.

Be sure your card is activated prior to boarding trains and buses, otherwise it will be declined. Keep your activation receipt too in case needed for refunds or replacement.

Using the Card for Transportation

Simply tap your Travel Card on the sensors when entering and exiting train gantries and boarding buses across Singapore to deduct payment. The correct fare will be deducted based on the mode, distance and transfer discounts.

Your remaining stored value balance is displayed on screens with each tap. Auto-top up your card at machines if the balance runs low to avoid disruptions.

Benefits Over Single Trip Tickets

The Travel Card provides savings over individual tickets through discounted transfer fares when switching between buses and trains. It also caps maximum daily fares once you hit a threshold.

Stored value keeps fares capped at the lowest rates so you get the best prices. Just remember to keep at least $1 on your card at all times for payments to go through.

Returning Your Card

At the end of your Singapore visit, you can get a refund on your card’s unused stored value at TransitLink ticket offices and select MRT stations, minus the $5 card cost.

Alternatively, keep the Travel Card as a convenient payment option for future visits to Singapore. The card can even be used in parts of Malaysia and Thailand.

With its convenience and affordability, the multipurpose Travel Card takes transportation worries out of the equation so you can focus on enjoying Singapore.


Where can tourists buy the Singapore Travel Card?

The card can be purchased at TransitLink offices in MRT stations, 7-Elevens, Changi Recommends outlets, and online.

How much does the Singapore Travel Card cost?

The card itself costs $5. You then add stored value from $10 to $500 to pay for rides.

What transit options can the Travel Card be used on?

The card can be used on the MRT, LRT, and public buses across Singapore. Simply tap to deduct payment.

How do you check the card’s remaining balance?

Tap the card at an MRT entry/exit gate or bus reader. The remaining balance will be displayed on the screen.

Where can you top up the Travel Card’s stored value?

You can easily top up more amounts at all MRT stations, 7-Elevens, and other designated locations.

Is there an expiration on the card’s stored value?

There is no expiry for unused funds – the card can retain value for future trips too.

Can you get a refund on unused stored value?

Yes, just bring your card to any TransitLink ticket office within 6 months to refund any unused stored value.

Does the Travel Card offer fare discounts?

Yes, you get the lowest rates and transfer discounts when using the Travel Card compared to cash tickets.

Can the card be used outside Singapore?

Yes, the Travel Card works for transit in parts of Malaysia and Thailand too.

Is the Travel Card rechargeable?

Yes, the Travel Card is an EZ-Link card that can be conveniently topped up repeatedly at many locations across Singapore.

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