The Best Singapore Visas for Indian Citizens

Goh Jun Cheng

With its proximity to India and position as a popular destination for Indian tourists, Singapore offers several efficient visa options for Indian citizens planning travels for business or leisure. Let’s explore the ideal visas for common scenarios.

Tourist Visa

For Indians visiting Singapore on vacation or to see family, the tourist visa offers the best fit. It allows stays up to 30 days and is valid for 6 months with multiple entries.

Requirements are:

  • Valid Indian passport
  • Return ticket booking
  • Confirmed accommodation
  • Passport photos
  • Application fee

Processing is generally 3-5 days via VFS Centers or electronically. Extend up to 60 days total in Singapore through online system. Popular for short holidays.

Business Visa

For Indian businessmen, attendees of corporate events and conferences, or other work-related visits, the business visa suits the purpose.

Needed documents mirror tourist visa but should show proof of business ties or meeting/event invites. Duration is up to 3 months. Extendable to 6 months max.

Medical Treatment Visa

Indians traveling to Singapore specifically to seek diagnosed medical care can apply for a medical visa.

You’ll need acceptance from an approved hospital/clinic in Singapore plus medical documents. Allows a 1 month stay but can be extended for continued treatment.

Employment Pass

For Indian professionals seeking to relocate longer term for employment in Singapore, applying for an Employment Pass through your Singaporean employer will be required.

Subject to eligibility criteria like minimum salary (S$4,500/month), qualifications, experience, etc. Spouse and children may apply for dependent passes.

Permanent Residence

Highly skilled Indian expats who obtain PR status can then live, work and study in Singapore long term with fewer renewals needed. Eligibility typically requires significant local experience.

Carefully evaluate your purpose, timeline and eligibility before applying for the most fitting Singapore visa as an Indian national.

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