Singapore Visa Interview Questions and Answers

Goh Jun Cheng


Applying for a visa to visit or work in Singapore can seem daunting, with many requirements and documents needed. The visa interview at the Singaporean embassy is often the most stressful part, as you will be asked questions about your travel plans, work, finances, and more.

Proper preparation is key to having a smooth interview and increasing your chances of visa approval.

This comprehensive guide will provide sample questions frequently asked during the Singapore visa interview along with suggested answers. Read on to learn how to best prepare for your interview.

Frequently Asked Questions About Your Travel Plans

Why are you traveling to Singapore?

For a tourist visa, emphasize sightseeing or visiting family and friends. For a work visa, focus on the job offer and company. Be specific but concise.

Suggested answer: “I am traveling to Singapore on a tourist visa. I will be spending two weeks visiting major attractions like Gardens by the Bay, Sentosa Island, and the Singapore Zoo. I also plan to experience the diverse food culture and do some shopping during my stay.”

What are the dates of your trip?

Be sure your dates align with your ticket bookings and itinerary. Know your arrival and departure dates.

Suggested answer: “I will be in Singapore from March 15 to March 29, 2022, which is 14 days total.”

Where will you be staying during your time in Singapore?

Have lodging details ready, whether it’s a hotel booking, rented apartment, or friend/family’s house.

Suggested answer: “I will be staying at the Park Regis Hotel, located on Merchant Road in the Clarke Quay area. I have a reservation booked for the duration of my stay.”

What places or attractions do you plan to visit in Singapore?

Mention top landmarks and destinations relevant to the purpose of your trip. Don’t over-list attractions.

Suggested answer: “During my two week stay, I plan to visit Sentosa Island, Gardens by the Bay, Raffles Hotel, the Singapore Flyer, Marina Bay, and Singapore Botanic Gardens. I look forward to experiencing the city’s diverse culture.”

Common Questions About Your Finances and Employment

Who is paying for your travel expenses?

For a tourist visa, highlight your personal savings or income. For a work visa, focus on company sponsorship. Provide evidence of funds if asked.

Suggested answer: “As this is a tourist trip, I will be paying for all expenses from my personal savings account, which has sufficient funds to cover flights, hotel, food, and spending money for two weeks in Singapore.”

What is your current employment status and occupation?

For a tourist visa, your current job is less relevant. For a work visa, detail the job offer and contracted position.

Suggested answer: “I currently work as a Software Engineer for XYZ Tech Company based in San Francisco. I have been employed there for the past 5 years.”

What is your total monthly or annual income?

Give an accurate figure that aligns with pay stubs or tax documents you may need to provide later. Financial stability is key.

Suggested answer: “My total annual income at my current job is $85,000 USD per year, before taxes.”

Does your employer know you are traveling to Singapore?

For a tourist visa, your employer likely doesn’t need to know. For a work visa, describe your company’s Singapore office or affiliation.

Suggested answer: “Yes, I have notified my employer about my upcoming business trip to Singapore. I will be meeting with the Singapore office to discuss expansion plans.”

Questions About Your Ties and Plans to Return Home

Do you have family members or other ties in your home country that will require you to return?

Highlight spouse, children, parents, job, school enrollment, or other commitments that necessitate your return.

Suggested answer: “Yes, I have significant ties that require me to return to my home country after my visit. I have a full-time job, own a house, and live with my spouse and children in my hometown. I will return after my 2 week stay.”

What are your post-travel plans when you go back to your home country?

Reassure the interviewer you will return at the end of your authorized stay and have plans after. Don’t mention trying to extend your visa or stay.

Suggested answer: “I plan to return to my home country after two weeks in Singapore to go back to my regular job and daily life with family. The trip is intended as a one-time vacation.”

Additional Tips for Acing Your Interview

  • Dress professionally and present yourself well
  • Maintain eye contact and smile
  • Provide clear, concise answers without over-explaining
  • Be polite and respectful
  • Arrive early so you are not rushed or stressed

With preparation and practice, you can feel confident tackling the questions and having a successful visa interview in Singapore! Best of luck with your application.


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