Singapore Public Holidays 2023

Goh Jun Cheng

Planning a trip to Singapore in 2023? Take note of the public holidays and long weekends that locals will be celebrating throughout the year.

Singapore has 11 national public holidays, including secular holidays like New Year and Labor Day as well as religious holidays like Hari Raya Puasa and Diwali.

On these public holidays, government offices, banks and most businesses will be closed. Public transit and tourist sites often run on limited hours. There may also be festivals, parades or other events happening around the major holidays.

Here are the key public holiday dates in Singapore for 2023:

New Year’s Day

  • Date: January 1 (Sunday)
  • Info: The first day of the calendar year is a public holiday. Fireworks displays and countdown parties take place on New Year’s Eve.

Chinese New Year

  • Date: January 22-23 (Sunday & Monday)
  • Info: Chinese New Year marks the start of the lunar new year. Expect festive bazaars, decorations and lion dances.

Good Friday

  • Date: April 7 (Friday)
  • Info: Good Friday is the Friday before Easter Sunday in the Christian calendar. A solemn occasion.

Labor Day

  • Date: May 1 (Monday)
  • Info: Known as May Day, this celebrates workers’ contributions. Some events and gatherings will be held by labor organizations.

Vesak Day

  • Date: May 7 (Sunday)
  • Info: Vesak Day recognizes the birth, enlightenment and death of the Buddha. Temple celebrations with candle lightings.

Hari Raya Puasa

  • Dates: April 21 (Friday)
  • Info: Marking the end of Ramadan fasting, Hari Raya Puasa is one of the biggest Muslim holidays. Family gatherings and feasts take place.

National Day

  • Date: August 9 (Wednesday)
  • Info: Singapore’s National Day commemorating independence in 1965. Celebrated with a parade, fireworks and decorations everywhere.

Hari Raya Haji

  • Date: June 29 (Thursday)
  • Info: Part of the Muslim pilgrimage of Hajj, the holiday involves prayer and sacrifice. Families visit graves of loved ones and share a meal.


  • Date: October 27 (Friday)
  • Info: The Hindu festival of lights represents the triumph of good over evil. Homes are decorated with oil lamps and prayers offered.

Christmas Day

  • Date: December 25 (Monday)
  • Info: Christmas celebrations in Singapore include masses, musical events, and dazzling light displays along Orchard Road.

Day After Christmas

  • Date: December 26 (Tuesday)
  • Info: As Christmas falls on a Monday, the next day is also a public holiday for an extended long weekend.

By planning your Singapore visit around these public holiday dates, you can partake in the country’s many cultural and religious festivals. Just expect larger crowds if visiting popular attractions and sites during the holidays.

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