SG Arrival Card (Singapore e visa) Guide: Everything you need to know

Goh Jun Cheng

Are you planning to visit Singapore soon? If so, you will need to complete the SG Arrival Card, also known as the Singapore electronic visa or e-visa, prior to your trip. This online system allows visitors to submit their entry application and pay any applicable fees online before arriving in Singapore.

Having an approved SG Arrival Card is mandatory for all foreign visitors entering Singapore, except citizens of select exempt countries.

The card contains important details about your visit like your passport information, contact details, travel history, and more. Singapore’s immigration authorities review all submitted Arrival Cards to determine if visitors are eligible to enter the country.

This comprehensive guide will provide everything you need to know about successfully applying for your SG Arrival Card. We’ll cover eligibility requirements, application process, documents needed, fees, approval time, and more.


Who Needs the SG Arrival Card?

Foreign citizens of every country are required to obtain an approved Arrival Card prior to visiting Singapore. This includes visitors traveling to Singapore for tourism, business, transit, or medical treatment.

SG Arrival Card Application Process

Applying for the SG Arrival Card is a straightforward online process that takes 10-15 minutes to complete. Here are the steps:

1. Visit Official Website

Go to the official Singapore Arrival Card website and click on the “Apply Now” button. This will take you to the application form.

2. Fill in Details

The online application form will ask you to provide details like:

  • Passport information
  • Contact information
  • Travel history
  • Address in Singapore
  • Details of your trip to Singapore

Make sure all details entered are accurate.

3. Upload Supporting Documents

You will need to upload digital copies of supporting documents like your passport photo page and return ticket. Make sure scanned documents are clear and legible.

4. Pay Processing Fee

A non-refundable $29 USD processing fee is payable online by credit/debit card to submit your Arrival Card application.

5. Review and Submit

Double check that all information entered is correct. Read through the declaration and check the box to agree to the terms. Then click submit.

You will receive an application reference number which can be used to check your application status later.

Documents Needed for SG Arrival Card

When applying for the SG Arrival Card, you will need to have the following documents ready to upload:

  • Passport Photo Page – Scan or take photo of the page in your passport that has your personal details and photo. Must be a color copy and legible.
  • Return Ticket Booking – Proof of your return or onward travel out of Singapore. Can be flight, train, bus or ferry ticket.
  • Recent Photo – A photo of yourself taken in the last 3 months. Should be in color with a white background.
  • Additional Documents – You may need to provide other documents depending on your nationality or purpose of visit. Check eligibility requirements.

Failure to upload clear copies of all required documents can cause delays or rejection of your Arrival Card application.

SG Arrival Card Application Fees

As mentioned earlier, you will need to pay a $27 USD processing fee when submitting your online Arrival Card application.

The fee is payable by credit card or debit card when you fill in the online application form. Ensure your card is valid for online international payments to avoid issues.

Approval Time for SG Arrival Card

Within 24-48 hours.

Check Your SG Arrival Card Application Status

Wondering what is the status of your submitted SG Arrival Card application? You can easily check it online using the application reference number received when you applied.

Go to the official website and click on “Check Application Status”. Input your reference number and passport details.

The website will display your current application status. Here are the possible statuses:

  • Submitted – Application received and pending processing.
  • Pending Approval – Additional processing required. Allow extra time.
  • Rejected – Application declined. Reason will be displayed.
  • Approved – Arrival Card successfully approved. Ready to travel!

If your application gets rejected, carefully review the reason provided and re-apply addressing the issue. Common reasons for rejection include unclear documents, incomplete information, or passport expiring soon.

Digital or Printed Arrival Card?

Once approved, should you print a physical copy of your Arrival Card to carry? Or can you travel with just the digital version?

Previously, visitors had to print their approved Arrival Card to present on arrival in Singapore. However, since 2020, you no longer need the physical card. The digital version on your phone works fine.

Just show the immigration officer your Arrival Card application reference number when you land in Singapore, and they can pull up your approved card digitally. Make sure to save a copy offline or screenshot, in case of mobile data issues at the airport.

On Arrival at Singapore Immigration

When you land at the airport in Singapore, proceed to the immigration counters. Select the line for foreign visitors.

When it’s your turn, hand your passport to the immigration officer along with your Arrival Card application reference number. Do not proceed beyond immigration until your passport is stamped and approved.

The officer can scan your passport and retrieve your Arrival Card details on their system. As long as you have an approved card, you will be allowed to enter Singapore.


What is the SG Arrival Card?

The SG Arrival Card, also known as the Singapore electronic visa or e-visa, is an online application required for most foreign visitors to enter Singapore. It contains details about your visit and allows Singapore immigration authorities to approve or deny entry in advance.

Who needs to apply for the SG Arrival Card?

Citizens of most countries need an approved Arrival Card before traveling to Singapore, with some exceptions like the USA, UK, EU countries, etc. Check the full exempt countries list in the guide above.

How do I apply for the Arrival Card online?

Visit the official website and fill in the online form with your passport, contact details, travel history and trip information. Upload supporting documents like passport photo page and return ticket booking. Pay the processing fee by card to submit.

What documents do I need for the Arrival Card application?

You need to upload your passport photo page, return ticket booking, a recent photo of yourself, and any other required documents depending on your nationality. All scans should be in color and clearly legible.

How much is the SG Arrival Card application fee?

$27 USD.

How long before my trip should I apply?

At least 48 hours before arrival.

My Arrival Card was rejected – what should I do?

Carefully review the rejection reason and re-apply addressing the issue. Common reasons include unclear documents, incorrect info, or expired passport.

Do I need to print the approved Arrival Card to carry?

No printed card required. Just show your application reference number on your phone to immigration on arrival. Save a digital copy offline as backup.

What happens when I arrive at Singapore Immigration?

Proceed to the foreign visitors line at immigration, submit your passport and Arrival Card reference. The officer will be able to retrieve your approved card electronically and stamp your passport.



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