Is the Singapore Visa Free for Tajikistan Citizens?

Goh Jun Cheng

Tajikistan citizens need to obtain an appropriate visa before travelling to Singapore.

Key points:

  • Tajikistan and Singapore do not have a bilateral visa waiver agreement.
  • Tajikistan is not included in Singapore’s visa-free access program.
  • Tajikistan nationals cannot obtain a visa upon landing in Singapore.
  • To legally enter and stay in Singapore, Tajikistan citizens must apply for and receive a valid visa in advance.

Types of Singapore Visas

Tajikistan nationals have these main options for Singapore visas:

  • Tourist Visa – For vacations and short trips, valid up to 30 days.
  • Business Visa – For attending meetings, conferences, training. Valid to 3 months.
  • Employment Pass – For skilled workers and professionals seeking to work in Singapore. Strict eligibility rules.
  • Student Pass – For full-time students at Singapore schools and universities.
  • Permanent Residence – For long-term relocation and potential citizenship. Difficult to obtain.


Tajikistan citizens still need to apply for and obtain the proper visa before travelling to Singapore. They are not eligible for visa-free entry like citizens of certain developed countries.

Hopefully in the future, Tajikistan nationals may gain visa-free access to Singapore, but currently advance visa application is required. Check with the Singapore embassy for the latest requirements and application procedures.


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