Is the Singapore visa free for Philippine citizens?

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Singapore is a popular travel destination for Filipino tourists. Its diverse culture, delicious food, stunning architecture, and reputation for safety and cleanliness make it very appealing. Many Filipinos dream of visiting the Lion City.

An important question for Filipino travelers is whether they need to obtain a visa before traveling to Singapore or if they can enter visa-free. In this blog post, we’ll provide a detailed overview of Singapore’s visa policy for Philippine passport holders.

Overview of Singapore’s Visa Policy

Singapore has a generally open visa policy. Citizens of most countries, including the Philippines, can enter and stay in Singapore for up to 30 days without needing to apply for a visa if they meet certain requirements (1).

However, while Philippine citizens do not need a tourist visa for short visits, they do need special authorization to work, study, or remain in Singapore long-term. So Philippine nationals can visit visa-free as tourists, but not for other purposes.

Entry Requirements for Philippine Citizens

To enter Singapore without a visa, Philippine passport holders must meet these requirements (2):

  • Have a valid Philippine passport with at least 6 months validity remaining
  • Have an onward or return ticket out of Singapore
  • Have sufficient funds to cover their stay (at least S$1,000 recommended)
  • Not have any criminal records or immigration offenses
  • Be in good health and agree to medical tests if required

As long as these conditions are met, Philippine citizens can enter and remain in Singapore as tourists for up to 30 days without needing to apply for a visa.

What Activities Are Allowed Without a Visa?

During their 30-day visa-free stay, Philippine citizens can engage in regular tourist activities like (3):

  • Sightseeing at attractions like Gardens by the Bay and Sentosa Island
  • Exploring Singapore’s culture and cuisine
  • Shopping on Orchard Road and at malls like VivoCity
  • Visiting museums like the National Gallery and Asian Civilisations Museum
  • Attending concerts and theater performances
  • Going on a Night Safari at the Singapore Zoo
  • Strolling through ethnic neighborhoods like Little India and Chinatown

However, visa-free visitors cannot work, study, or conduct business activities. Engaging in any kind of employment or long-term activity requires obtaining the appropriate visa.

Extending Your Stay Beyond 30 Days

If Philippine citizens wish to stay in Singapore longer than 30 days, they must apply for a visa before their visa-free period expires. Options include (4):

Social Visit Pass

Extends stay for 60-90 days. Requires a local sponsor.

Student Pass

For studying full-time at an approved institution. Provides visa up to 3 years.

Work Pass

For employment by a Singapore company. Different types are available based on skill level.

Permanent Resident Status

For living long-term in Singapore. Requires meeting eligibility criteria.

So while the initial 30 days are visa-free, staying longer requires applying through proper channels. Overstaying the visa-free period can lead to fines, blacklisting, and even deportation.

Traveling Between Singapore and Philippines

Travelers should also keep in mind that movement between Singapore and the Philippines goes both ways. Just like Filipinos can visit Singapore visa-free, Singaporeans can also visit the Philippines without a visa for up to 14 days (5).

However, they would likewise need to apply for the right visas or passes to work, study, or remain in the Philippines long-term.

Can Philippine Travelers Transit Through Singapore?

Yes, Philippine citizens can also transit through Singapore without a visa. They are eligible for a 96-hour visa-free transit facility (6). To qualify, they must:

  • Have valid onward tickets to a third country
  • Remain only in the transit area (cannot enter Singapore)
  • Have the required documents for their destination

Transit passengers must have their bags checked through and cannot leave the airport. But this allows Filipinos to stop over in Singapore en route to other countries without needing a visa.

Key Takeaways

In summary:

  • Philippine citizens can enter Singapore without a visa for tourism and short-term stays of up to 30 days.
  • They must meet entry requirements like having an onward ticket and sufficient funds.
  • Longer stays require applying for appropriate visas or passes.
  • Filipinos can also transit through Singapore without a visa if they do not enter the country.
  • Singaporeans enjoy reciprocal visa-free entry to the Philippines.

So while a visa is not required for short tourist trips, proper documentation is still needed for employment, study, or anything beyond 30 days in Singapore.


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