Is the Singapore Visa Free for Nigerians?

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Singapore is a popular travel destination for people from all over the world, including Nigerians. With its bustling cityscape, diverse cultures, mouthwatering cuisines, and reputation as one of the safest countries in Asia, it’s no wonder that Singapore attracts over 18 million visitors every year.

One of the most frequently asked questions by Nigerian travelers is – is a visa required to visit Singapore? Or is Singapore visa free for Nigerians?

In this detailed blog post, we will provide a comprehensive overview of Singapore’s visa requirements and exemptions for Nigerian passport holders.

Visa Requirements for Nigerians Visiting Singapore

In general, Nigerian citizens need to obtain a visa in advance to enter Singapore, regardless of the purpose or duration of their visit. Some key things to note:

Short-Term Visits

For visits up to 30 days for tourism or business purposes, Nigerians need to apply for a Singapore tourist visa or business visa.

Tourist Visa

The Singapore tourist visa allows Nigerian citizens to enter Singapore for leisure travel, visit friends/family, or attend social events. It is valid for up to 30 days.

Business Visa

The Singapore business visa is suitable for Nigerians traveling to Singapore for meetings, conferences, recruitment, sales trips, company training etc. It permits a stay of up to 30 days.

Long-Term Visits

For extended stays in Singapore exceeding 30 days, Nigerians need to apply for long-term passes like the Singapore work visa, student pass, dependent’s pass, etc. based on the purpose of their visit.

Employment Pass

The Singapore employment pass allows Nigerian professionals to work in Singapore when sponsored by a local company. It is issued for up to 2 years.


Nigerian entrepreneurs/investors planning to start and operate a business in Singapore need to obtain an EntrePass visa. It is issued for 1-2 years.

Student Pass

Nigerian students who get admission into an educational institution in Singapore need to apply for a student pass visa. It covers the entire duration of their study program.

Dependent’s Pass

Accompanying dependents (spouse, children etc.) of Nigerian employment pass or student pass holders need to secure a dependent’s pass. It is tied to the validity of the main pass holder’s visa.

Visa Exemptions for Nigerians

While a visa is required in most cases, Nigerian passport holders can also travel to Singapore without a visa under certain conditions and eligibility criteria. Some key visa-free entry options are:

30 Days Visa-Free Transit

Nigerian citizens can transit through Singapore for up to 30 days without a visa if they meet these criteria:

  • Holding confirmed onward tickets to continue their journey to a third country
  • Having a valid visa to enter the next destination if required

The 30 days transit facility can be availed only once within a 90 day period.

90 Days Visit for Permanent Residents of UK/US/Canada

Nigerian citizens who are also permanent residents of the UK, US, or Canada can enter and stay in Singapore without a visa for up to 90 days for tourism and business purposes.

They need to present their valid Nigerian passport and residency proof to immigration upon arrival to qualify for the 90-day visa waiver.

How to Apply for a Singapore Visa

Here is a quick overview of how Nigerians can lodge their Singapore visa application:

  • Online – Fill the application form on the Singapore VFS Global website and upload documents
  • In Person – Visit the Singapore Visa Application Centre in Abuja or Lagos to submit the form and paperwork
  • By Mail – Send the completed form and documents to the High Commission of Singapore in Abuja
  • Requirements – Valid passport, photos, travel itinerary, bank statements, accommodation proof, etc.
  • Processing Time – Approximately 4-7 working days for tourist/business visas

Nigerian citizens are advised to apply at least 2 weeks before their intended date of travel to Singapore. Do check the latest visa guidelines on the official website before applying.


To summarize, Nigerian passport holders need to obtain a valid Singapore visa in advance for short-term and long-term visits in most cases. The exceptions are transit facilities up to 30 days and visa waiver for Nigerian permanent residents of UK, US, and Canada.

Visa-free entry should not be assumed and all eligibility criteria must be met fully. Nigerians are recommended to check visa requirements and apply well in advance through the official channels. With proper planning, Nigerian travelers can have a smooth and hassle-free Singapore holiday.


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