Is the Singapore visa free for Mali citizens?

Goh Jun Cheng

Malian nationals must obtain a proper visa before travelling to Singapore.

Key details:

  • Mali does not have a bilateral visa waiver agreement with Singapore.
  • Mali is not included in Singapore’s visa-free access program.
  • Malian citizens cannot obtain a visa upon arrival in Singapore.
  • To legally enter Singapore, Malians must apply for and receive a valid visa in advance.

Singapore Visa Options

Malian nationals have these main Singapore visa options:

  • Tourist Visa – For vacations and short visits, valid up to 30 days.
  • Business Visa – For attending conferences, meetings and training, valid to 3 months.
  • Employment Pass – For skilled professionals seeking to work in Singapore. Strict eligibility.
  • Student Pass – For full-time students at Singapore educational institutions.
  • Permanent Residence – For long-term relocation and potential citizenship. Very difficult to obtain.


Malian citizens still need to apply for and obtain the appropriate visa before travelling to Singapore. They currently do not have visa-free access like citizens of certain developed countries. Hopefully in the future Malians may gain visa-free entry to Singapore, but for now advance visa application is required.


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