Is the Singapore Visa Free for Macao Citizens?

Goh Jun Cheng

Macao passport holders do not enjoy unilateral visa-free entry to Singapore.

Short-Term Visits

For visits of up to 30 days, Macao citizens must obtain a visa in advance through a Singapore overseas mission, authorized visa agent, or locally-registered sponsor. The most common short-term visas are:

  • Tourist visa – For leisure travel and sightseeing
  • Social visit pass – For visiting friends/family
  • Business visa – For attending conferences/meetings

Long-Term Visits

Those looking to stay in Singapore for over 30 days will need to apply for one of these long-term passes:

  • Student’s pass – For full-time students at approved institutions
  • Work pass – For foreign professionals working in Singapore
  • Dependant’s pass – For spouses/children of work pass holders
  • Long-term visit pass – For extended social/business visits

Singapore’s Immigration & Checkpoints Authority reviews all long-term visa applications closely. Meeting the eligibility criteria is no guarantee of approval.

Do Macao Citizens Need a Visa for Singapore?

So in summary, the answer is yes – Singapore does require Macao citizens to obtain an appropriate visa in advance for both short-term and long-term visits.

The visa-free arrangement only applies to passport holders from selected countries. Unfortunately for Macao residents, Singapore is not reciprocally visa-free. Visitors must secure visas through official channels before traveling to experience Singapore’s dynamic culture.

Tips for Macao Citizens Applying for a Singapore Visa

To improve your chances of visa approval, keep these tips in mind:

  • Apply early – Submit your application at least 2 weeks before travel to allow processing time
  • Have a specific purpose – State your reasons for visiting clearly on the application
  • Show strong ties to Macao – Prove you’ll return after your trip with things like a job, property, family in Macao
  • Include financial documents – Provide bank statements, income details, etc to show you can afford the trip
  • Make sure your passport is valid – Check that your passport meets Singapore’s validity requirements


While Singapore and Macao enjoy friendly relations, a unilateral visa waiver has not been implemented between the two territories. Macao citizens must therefore remember to arrange appropriate visas through the proper channels before visiting Singapore. With some preparation and early planning, getting a Singapore visa should be straightforward.


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