Is the Singapore visa free for Kyrgyzstan citizens?

Goh Jun Cheng

Citizens of Kyrgyzstan must obtain a proper visa before traveling to Singapore.

Short-Term Visits

For visits up to 30 days for tourism or business purposes, Kyrgyzstan citizens can apply for a SG Arrival Card [1]. This is essentially a tourist visa that allows entry to explore Singapore or attend business meetings.

To be eligible, you must:

  • Have a valid Kyrgyzstan passport
  • Show proof of sufficient funds
  • Have an onward or return ticket out of Singapore

The visa application can be completed online and takes around 5 working days to process.

Long-Term Visits

If planning to stay in Singapore longer than 30 days, different visa options are required depending on the purpose of visit:

  • Student Pass: For pursuing studies at an educational institution [2].
  • Work Pass: For employment or starting a business in Singapore [3].
  • Dependant’s Pass: For families joining a work pass holder [4].
  • Long-Term Visit Pass: For extended tourist or social visits over 30 days [5].

These usually have more requirements in terms of documents, fees, and processing time.

Ways to Visit Singapore Visa-Free

While Kyrgyzstan citizens need a visa for entering Singapore directly, there are some indirect ways to visit visa-free:

Transit Through Singapore

Citizens of Kyrgyzstan can transit through Singapore visa-free if they have valid onward connections to a third country [6]. The permitted transit time is up to 96 hours. This can be a good option for stopping over in Singapore en route to another destination.

Permanent Residency or Citizenship in Another Country

Kyrgyzstan citizens who hold permanent residency or citizenship in certain other countries like the USA, UK, or EU states can enter Singapore visa-free under certain conditions [7]. However, merely holding a visa for those countries does not qualify.

Eligible for Visa-Free Entry in the Future?

As Singapore continues expanding its global connections, the list of visa-free countries could expand in the future. However, it is difficult to predict if or when Kyrgyzstan might be added. For now, citizens should plan on obtaining a Singapore visa for travel.


Singapore does not currently offer visa-free entry for citizens of Kyrgyzstan. A SG Arrival Card or appropriate long-term visa will be required. While transit visa exemptions or eligibility through another citizenship offer some options, directly entering Singapore as a Kyrgyzstan citizen will need a visa.

However, the country offers convenient and straightforward visa application processes. With some advance planning, Kyrgyzstan citizens can tackle the paperwork and enjoy an amazing visit to Singapore.


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