Is the Singapore Visa Free for Kazakhstan Citizens?

Goh Jun Cheng

Kazakhstan citizens need to obtain a visa in advance to enter Singapore. Some key points:

  • Short-term tourist and social visit visas can be applied for online through SG Arrival Card system. This allows visa-free entry for up to 30 days.
  • For longer stays beyond 30 days, a traditional paper visa needs to be obtained at a Singapore embassy/consulate before travel.
  • Visa requirements apply to all types of passports – regular, diplomatic, official, etc.
  • Visa-free transit through Singapore for up to 96 hours is possible if travelling between Kazakhstan and a third country.

So unfortunately, Kazakhstan citizens do not enjoy complete visa-free entry into Singapore. Some pre-trip planning is needed to obtain the right visas.

Eligibility Criteria for Tourist Visa

When applying for a short-term online tourist visa through the ETA system, there are some eligibility criteria to meet:

Clean Immigration Records

  • No prior deportations or travel bans from Singapore
  • No violations of previous visas
  • No overstays beyond permitted period

Sufficient Funds

  • Proof of sufficient funds to cover expenses in Singapore
  • Recommended to have at least SGD $500 per day of stay

Confirmed Accommodation

  • Hotel reservations or invitation letter from Singaporean host

Confirmed Return Ticket

  • Show intent to leave Singapore after temporary stay

Meeting these criteria will help ensure a smooth visa application process via ETA.

Step-by-Step ETA Application Process

The online ETA application for Kazakhstan citizens is very straightforward:

1. Visit Official ETA Website

  • Go to VisaGov and start the application

2. Submit Supporting Documents

  • Upload passport pages, return tickets, hotel bookings
  • Pay visa fee of USD $27 by credit card

3. Get Instant Approval

  • Successful applications get approved within minutes
  • ETA validity will be shown and sent by email

4. Print Approval Letter

  • Bring printed ETA approval letter when traveling to Singapore

5. Present Passport & ETA at Singapore Immigration

  • Queue in the Visa Required lane
  • Show passport and printed ETA for visa-free entry

And that’s it! A quick online process that enables visa-free short visits to Singapore.

Long-Term Singapore Visa Application Process

If planning to stay over 30 days in Singapore, Kazakhstan citizens need to apply for a traditional paper visa before arriving. Here are the steps:

1. Determine Visa Type

  • Social Visit Pass – for tourism/leisure up to 90 days
  • EntrePass – for business activities or joining Singapore entity
  • Employment Pass – for taking up approved job offer

2. Prepare Application Materials

  • Relevant visa application form
  • Passport with 6 months validity
  • Documents based on visa type such as employer letter, business incorporation proof, etc.

3. Submit at Singapore Embassy

  • There is no Singapore consulate in Kazakhstan
  • Nearest options are embassies in Russia or Thailand

4. Attend Interview If Needed

  • Some visa types may require interview to assess eligibility

5. Collect Passport with Visa

  • Turnaround times range 2-4 weeks generally
  • Long-term visas will be pasted on passport pages

Applying directly at the embassy involves more time and preparation but is mandatory for long stays in Singapore.

Can I Extend Short-Term Visa While in Singapore?

It is not possible to extend a short-term 30 day ETA tourist visa from within Singapore. To stay beyond 30 days, you must:

  • Leave Singapore and re-enter to get fresh 30 day period
  • Cancel existing ETA and apply for a proper long-term visa

So plan the length of stay carefully before traveling to avoid this situation. The best solution is applying for the correct duration visa upfront if intending to stay long-term.

In Summary

To answer the original question – unfortunately, Kazakhstan citizens are not eligible for complete visa-free entry into Singapore.

However, the SG Arrival Card does facilitate short hassle-free visits up to 30 days. For longer stays, traditional visa application through the embassy is required. With some advance planning, Kazakhstan citizens can enjoy smooth travels to explore vibrant Singapore.


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