Is the Singapore visa free for Jordan citizens?

Goh Jun Cheng

Jordan is not currently one of the countries whose citizens are eligible for visa-free entry to Singapore.

Applying for a Singapore Visa

While not visa-free, the process of applying for a Singapore visa is relatively straightforward for Jordanian citizens. Here are the steps involved:

Determine Visa Type

The first step is determining what type of Singapore visa to apply for. Some of the common options include:

  • Tourist visa – For vacations or short leisure trips of up to 30 days
  • Business visa – For business visits like conferences, meetings, etc.
  • Employment visa – For those seeking to work in Singapore
  • Student visa – For those enrolled in academic programs

Jordanian citizens should apply for the visa relevant to their purpose of travel.

Gather Documents

To complete the visa application, Jordanian citizens will need to have the following documents ready:

  • Passport with minimum 6 months validity
  • Recent passport-sized photos
  • Confirmed tickets and hotel reservations
  • Bank statements showing proof of funds
  • Additional documents depending on visa type

Submit Application

There are a few options for submitting the Singapore visa application:

  • Online – Directly through Singapore’s online visa application system
  • Visa agent – Using a third-party visa processing agent
  • Singapore embassy – In person at the embassy in Amman, Jordan

Be sure to follow all instructions closely to avoid any processing delays or rejections.

Wait for Approval

It usually takes at least 2-4 business days for Singapore visa applications to be reviewed and approved. Applicants can check the status online or follow up with the processing agent.

Once approved, the visa will be attached to the passport. Some visas may need to be converted to a physical visa upon arrival in Singapore.


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