Is the Singapore visa free for Indonesians?

Goh Jun Cheng

Singapore and Indonesia have very close ties and a long history of cooperation. As fellow ASEAN member states, citizens of both countries enjoy visa-free access or simplified visa procedures when travelling between the two countries.

In general, Indonesian citizens can enter Singapore without a visa for tourism and social visits up to 30 days. However, some additional conditions may apply.

Eligibility criteria for visa-free entry to Singapore for Indonesians

There are a few basic requirements in order for Indonesian citizens to be eligible for visa-free entry to Singapore:

Valid passport

Indonesian visitors must have a valid passport with at least 6 months validity remaining on the date of entry into Singapore. Passports that are damaged or torn may not be accepted.

Sufficient funds

Indonesian tourists should have enough money for the duration of their stay in Singapore and to purchase a return ticket. Although no fixed amount is specified, around USD $100-150 per day is recommended.

Onward/return ticket

Visitors should have proof of a return or onward ticket out of Singapore to show they do not intend to overstay.

Not a prohibited person

Indonesian citizens who are on a prohibited persons list will not be allowed to enter Singapore without a visa. This includes those with prior immigration offenses like overstaying, illegal entry, deportation, etc.

Fit customs entry requirements

Indonesian nationals must meet standard customs requirements like not carrying contraband, commercial goods, etc. They should also pass health screening checks upon arrival.

How long can Indonesians stay in Singapore without a visa?

Indonesian citizens are generally granted a maximum stay of 30 days in Singapore when entering under the visa waiver program.

The permitted length of stay is granted at the discretion of the immigration officer during entry into Singapore. In some cases, they may provide a shorter stay duration.

Overstaying beyond the permitted duration is considered a punishable offense. Those who overstay may be fined, jailed, and prohibited from re-entering Singapore in the future.

Extension of stay for Indonesians in Singapore

If Indonesian visitors wish to extend their stay beyond the initial duration granted on arrival, it is possible to apply for an extension of stay online through Singapore’s Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA).

Extensions up to 60 days total stay may be approved, depending on the reasons and supporting documents provided. Applications should be submitted 3-7 days before the original duration expires.

Extensions are not guaranteed approval. Rejected applications will require the visitor to depart Singapore before their original stay expires.

When is a visa required for Indonesians to enter Singapore?

While the visa waiver program applies to most short-term leisure and social visits, Indonesians citizens will need to apply for formal visas in some situations:

  • Stays exceeding 30 days (Visa required even if extension granted for up to 60 days total stay)
  • Employment – Work Permit, Employment Pass, S Pass, EntrePass, Work Holiday Pass
  • Studying for more than 30 days – Student’s Pass
  • Participating in volunteer programs
  • Business activities beyond basic meetings – Approval letter or Business visa
  • Dependent visas for spouses or children of Employment Pass or S Pass holders
  • Long-term immigration through Permanent Resident/citizenship routes

So in summary, while Indonesian citizens enjoy convenient visa-free entry for tourism, they should check Singapore’s visa rules closely for longer-term or non-tourist purposes. Applying in advance for the right visa type will be required.


Singapore and Indonesia have close bilateral ties and a long-standing visa waiver program allowing Indonesians to enter Singapore for tourism without a pre-arranged visa.

However, travelers should ensure they meet all eligibility criteria relating to valid passports, onward tickets, funds, etc. Stays are generally limited to 30 days initially but can be extended to 60 days total via an online application.

For longer stays or other non-tourist purposes, a Singapore visa will be required.


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