Is the Singapore visa free for Hong Kong citizens?

Goh Jun Cheng

Currently, Hong Kong citizens traveling to Singapore need to obtain a visa in advance for any purpose, including tourism or business trips. The most common visa option is Singapore’s SG Arrival Card.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for a SG Arrival Card, Hong Kong citizens need:

  • A valid Hong Kong passport with at least 6 months validity
  • Documents showing their financial ability to support themselves in Singapore
  • An onward ticket out of Singapore
  • No criminal record

The pass allows a stay of up to 30 days in Singapore and cannot be extended.

Application Process

Hong Kong citizens can apply for the visa electronically through VisaGov’s website. Applicants need to provide their personal particulars, travel information, and scanned passport pages.

Impact on Tourism and Business Travel

Additional Preparation Required

With the visa requirement, Hong Kong citizens now need to plan further in advance and prepare visa application documentation when traveling to Singapore. This makes short-term leisure travel more difficult.

Reduced Convenience for Business Travel

For Hong Kong business travelers, the visa application adds an extra layer before important business activities in Singapore. The lack of a streamlined process reduces the convenience and accessibility previously enjoyed.

Potential Reduction in Visitor Numbers

Statistics show Hong Kong visitor arrivals to Singapore have declined since the visa restriction was implemented. The decreased accessibility and spontaneity add friction to travel. However, Singapore maintains appeal as a diverse tourist destination.

Outlook for the Future

Singapore’s Stance

The Singaporean government has given no indication of reinstating a visa-waiver program for Hong Kong citizens at this time. The visa requirements are seen as an immigration measure to control entry. Singapore does offer expedited visa processing options aimed at business travelers.

Continued Dialogue

Dialogue continues between the Hong Kong and Singaporean governments discussing various cooperation agreements and partnerships. The visa waiver has been raised in these discussions, but remains unresolved.

Influence of Geopolitics

Broader geopolitical factors will likely influence any change in the visa policy. As a strategic financial hub, Singapore weighs regional political considerations carefully in making immigration decisions.


In summary, Hong Kong citizens currently require a SG Arrival Card to travel to Singapore for both tourism and business purposes. This adds preparation time and reduces spontaneity compared to the previous visa-waiver agreement. While inconvenient, complying with Singapore’s visa process allows Hong Kongers to visit this fascinating destination.


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