Is the Singapore visa free for Belarus citizens?

Goh Jun Cheng

Belarus instead falls under Singapore’s traditional visa policy. This means Belarus citizens are required to formally apply for a proper visa before traveling to Singapore.

Some key points about the visa application process for Belarus citizens:

  • Must apply for a Singapore visa in advance – this is not a visa-on-arrival country.
  • Can apply for either a tourist visa or business visa depending on the purpose of travel.
  • Need to have a valid Belarus passport with at least 6 months validity remaining.
  • Will need to provide documents showing their purpose of travel, financial means, proof of accommodation, and ties to Belarus.
  • Visa approval can take 5-15 working days after submitting a complete application.
  • Short term tourist visas are usually valid for up to 30 days of stay in Singapore. Business visas may be valid for longer.

So in summary, the visa free transit facility does not apply to Belarus citizens as of October 2023. A formal Singapore visa application is required well in advance of travel.

Why Belarus is not on the VFTF eligible list

Singapore’s government agency Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) determines which nationalities are eligible for the VFTF program. They consider a few key criteria:

Security risk factors

  • Countries perceived to have potential security risks are less likely to be given visa-free entry. For example, countries with higher crime rates or active conflicts may be excluded.
  • Belarus has had some political tensions and unrest in recent years. This may be viewed as an unstable security environment by Singapore’s authorities.

Diplomatic relations

  • Singapore prioritizes visa-free entry for countries they have strong diplomatic ties with. These are important trade, business, and geopolitical partners.
  • Belarus does not have particularly close relations with Singapore government. So they are a lower priority for the VFTF program.

Economic development factors

  • Singapore targets visa-free entry for countries at a similar or higher economic development level. Countries seen as economically unstable or risky get lower priority.
  • Belarus has a lower GDP per capita compared to Singapore. So they may be viewed as higher risk for visa overstayers.

Considering these criteria, Singapore’s government has likely excluded Belarus from the current VFTF list. But this list does get updated periodically, so the situation could change in the future.

How Belarus citizens can travel to Singapore

Despite the visa requirement, Belarus citizens absolutely can still travel to Singapore by following the proper application process. Here are some tips:

  • Apply early – leave at least 2-3 weeks for approval. Use the official visa agent services if possible.
  • Provide all required documents like travel itinerary, financials, letter of employment, etc. Full transparency will help.
  • Make sure passport has adequate validity. Six months minimum is recommended.
  • Be prepared to provide biometrics at the visa application centre if required. This includes fingerprints and photo.
  • Expect to answer questions from the immigration officers on arrival about your purpose of visit. Have your documents handy.
  • Carry confirmed return tickets – this shows ties back to Belarus and intent to leave Singapore after the visit.
  • Remain a lawful visitor and don’t overstay beyond the period authorized by your visa. Singapore has strict laws prohibiting illegal stays.

With proper preparation and following the visa application procedure, most Belarus citizens should be able to receive a Singapore visit visa without major issues.


In summary – no, Belarus citizens are presently not eligible for visa-free entry to Singapore under the Visa Free Transit Facility program.

A traditional visa application is mandatory for Belarus nationals wishing to visit Singapore. This requires advance planning and document preparation but is quite feasible if applicants meet the standards.

While the visa situation for Belarus is more strict than other countries, Singapore’s general openness and efficiency in processing visa applications still makes tourism and business visits attainable.

With proper adherence to the entry requirements, Belarus citizens can absolutely still make trips to explore and enjoy what Singapore has to offer.


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