Is the Singapore visa free for Australians?

Goh Jun Cheng

Overview of Visa Requirements for Australians Traveling to Singapore

Singapore and Australia have a special relationship that allows for visa-free travel between the two countries for tourists and business visitors. This makes travel between these two Pacific nations incredibly easy and hassle-free.

In this blog post, we’ll take an in-depth look at the visa requirements, or lack thereof, for Australian citizens traveling to Singapore as tourists or for business purposes.

Visa Not Required for Australians on Short Trips to Singapore

One of the biggest benefits of the close ties between Singapore and Australia is that Australians do not need to obtain a visa if they are visiting Singapore for less than 30 days [1]. This applies only for tourism and business trips – not for employment or studies.

Some key points about the visa waiver for Australians:

  • It allows for visa-free entry to Singapore for up to 30 days.
  • It is valid for tourism, social visits, and business trips only. Australians cannot work in Singapore without a proper work visa.
  • To qualify, travelers must have an Australian passport that is valid for at least 6 months.
  • Visitors must have an onward or return ticket to exit Singapore within the 30 day period.

So in summary, short tourist or business trips to Singapore are easy and hassle-free for Australian passport holders!

What Counts as a Short Trip?

According to Singapore’s immigration laws, a “short trip” for visa-free entry is defined as up to 30 days from the date of entry [1].

Some key things to keep in mind:

  • The 30 days applies to the total time spent in Singapore, not just from the original date of entry. For example, if you visited for 5 days, left for a week, then returned for another 5 days, that would count as 10 days out of the 30 day maximum.
  • Extensions are not possible. If you want to stay longer than 30 consecutive days, you must apply for a proper visa before traveling.
  • The 30 day concession can generally only be used once every 3 months. Frequent visits within a short timeframe may raise suspicions and get denied entry.

So if you want to enjoy visa-free travel to Singapore, be sure to limit your trips to less than a month and space them out by a few months in between.

Longer Trips Require a Visa for Australians

While short tourist and business trips are easy, Australians traveling to Singapore for purposes other than tourism or business, or staying longer than 30 days, must obtain a proper Singapore visa in advance [2].

Some examples include:

  • Employment – This requires at least an employment pass or work permit. Working under a tourist visa exemption is illegal.
  • Education – Studying for more than 30 days requires a Student’s Pass.
  • Long-term stays – Anything beyond 30 days needs a long-term visit pass.
  • Permanent migration – This requires extensive documentation and approval before migrating to live long-term in Singapore.

So in summary, the 30 day visa waiver only applies to brief tourism and business trips. Those looking to work, study, or live long-term in Singapore need to apply for the appropriate long-term passes and visas.

Do Australians Need an Onward Ticket?

One requirement for visa-free entry under the Australian passport concession is proof of onward travel out of Singapore within 30 days. This is also commonly referred to as an onward or return ticket.

Australia citizens will need to show their airline ticket or itinerary at immigration to prove they have booked travel to exit Singapore within 30 days [3]. Otherwise, entry may be denied.

Some key points about the onward travel requirement:

  • The return ticket can be to any onward destination – it doesn’t have to be back to Australia.
  • However, the travel dates must be within 30 days of the date of entry into Singapore.
  • This applies even if you have plans to exit Singapore by other modes of transport – air travel proof is still required.
  • Having an open-ended ticket without fixed dates generally does not qualify. Immigration officials may ask to see a fixed itinerary.

In summary, Australians entering Singapore under the short-term visa waiver must have an onward ticket booked within 30 days as proof they will exit by the deadline. This avoids overstaying illegally past the allowed period.

What Else Do Australians Need to Enter Singapore Visa-Free?

Aside from having a valid Australian passport and onward travel plans, there are a few other requirements Australians must meet to enter Singapore without a visa [4]:

  • Passport validity – Passports must have at least 6 months validity left for entry into Singapore. Anything expiring sooner may be denied entry.
  • Sufficient funds – You may need to provide proof of adequate funds to sustain yourself and pay for accommodations during your stay in Singapore.
  • Onward destination requirements – Ensure your onward destination after Singapore does not require any special visas or documentation from you.
  • Clean immigration record – Previous immigration offenses could result in entry being denied to Singapore.
  • Intent of visit – Be prepared to explain your reason for visit if asked ( tourism, business, etc).
  • Return ticket home – You may also need to show a ticket departing Singapore back to Australia eventually.

As long as these requirements are met, Australians can enter Singapore fuss-free without applying for a visa!

Can Australians Enter Singapore Through Other Channels?

Aside from air travel through Singapore Changi Airport, Australian citizens can also enter Singapore visa-free through the following modes of transport [5]:

  • Land crossings – Travel over land by bus or train through Malaysia. The entry point would be the Singapore-Malaysia Causeway or Second Link.
  • Sea ports – Arrival through sea ports and ferry terminals. This includes the Singapore Cruise Centre as well as regional ports at Tanah Merah, Pasir Panjang, and Jurong.

Rules are generally the same – Australians are granted 30 days visa-free entry at all official ports. Travel documents and onward tickets will still be checked thoroughly.

The visa waiver does not apply if traveling directly from Indonesia – in that case a visa application will be required before departure.

Can Australians Extend Their Visa-Free Stay?

A common question from Australian visitors is whether they can extend their short 30-day visa waiver to stay longer in Singapore.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to extend your visa-free stay as an Australian citizen once you are already in Singapore [6]. The standard concession is strictly 30 days only.

Here are the options if you wish to stay longer:

  • Exit and re-enter – As mentioned earlier, it may be possible to do a visa run to Johor Bahru in Malaysia before flying back in to Singapore to reset the 30 day counter. However, this strategy is frowned upon by immigration officials if done too frequently.
  • Apply for proper visa – Your only other legal option is to apply for the correct long-term visa for your purpose (employment, residency, etc) through the proper channels, before your visa-free entry period ends. This often requires extensive paperwork and processing time of 4-6 weeks or longer.

So in essence, the 30 days cannot be extended within Singapore itself – the only way is to exit and re-enter, or apply for a long-term visa from your home country well in advance.


Australian passport holders enjoy the privilege of visa-free entry into Singapore for tourism or business trips of up to 30 days. This provides excellent ease of travel between the two countries.

However, those looking to work, study or live in Singapore long-term will still need to apply in advance for the appropriate visas before traveling.

The key requirements to remember are having 6 months passport validity, onward travel booked within 30 days, proof of funds, and not having immigration offenses.


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