Is the Singapore Visa Free for Afghanistan Citizens?

Goh Jun Cheng

Unfortunately, Afghanistan citizens do need a visa in order to travel to Singapore, as they are not eligible for visa-free entry. There are a few different visa options available:

Singapore Tourist Visa

The most common visa for leisure travel is the Singapore tourist visa. This allows a stay of up to 30 days in Singapore. The requirements include:

  • Valid Afghanistan passport with at least 6 months validity
  • Return travel ticket out of Singapore
  • Proof of sufficient funds for duration of stay
  • Recent bank statements may be requested

The tourist visa application can be completed online through the Singapore Visa Application Portal. Processing usually takes 1-4 business days and costs around $30 USD.

Singapore Transit Visa

For Afghanistan citizens just passing through Singapore’s airport, a 96-hour transit visa can be obtained. Requirements are similar but do not include proof of funds. This allows a stay in the transit area for up to 4 days while waiting for a connecting flight.

Singapore Business Visa

For Afghanistan citizens traveling to Singapore for business meetings, conferences, employment, or other commercial activities, a business visa is required. A letter of invitation from the Singapore company hosting the visitor is usually needed during the application. Business visas allow a stay of up to 30 days and can be extended in some cases.

Visa Exemptions

While Afghanistan citizens do need a visa for tourism and business trips, there are some special situations in which a visa is not required:

  • Diplomatic Passport Holders – Those with an official Afghanistan diplomatic passport do not need a visa for short-term Singapore visits under 90 days.
  • Transit to Third Country – When transiting through Singapore to another destination, no visa is needed if the connecting flight leaves within 24 hours. However, passengers must remain in the transit area.
  • Cruise Passengers – Afghanistan citizens on cruise ships that stop at Singapore’s port can enter visa-free but must depart with the cruise.

So in summary, while most Afghanistan nationals need a visa, there are some exceptions. The good news is Singapore makes the visa process relatively straightforward through their online application portal.

Long-Term Visa Options

For Afghanistan citizens looking to stay in Singapore longer than 30 days, there are some long-term visa options:

Singapore Work Visa

Also known as the Employment Pass, this is for foreign professionals working in Singapore. It requires an offer letter from a Singapore employer and allows a stay of up to 2 years. Families are eligible for dependent passes.


This visa is for foreign entrepreneurs/investors looking to start a business or invest in Singapore. Applicants must meet criteria like minimum paid-up capital and ability to innovate. It allows a stay of up to 2 years.

S Pass

For mid-level skilled foreigners with minimum salaries, the S Pass allows a stay of up to 2 years in Singapore with multiple extensions possible. Employer sponsorship is required.

Training Employment Pass

Foreign trainees undergoing professional training at Singapore companies are eligible for this up to 2 year visa. It requires sponsorship letters from both the overseas company and Singapore organization.

Personalized Employment Pass

This is for high-earning existing employment pass holders or overseas foreign professionals. No employer sponsorship is needed. It offers flexible work opportunities with minimum salary thresholds.


Afghanistan nationals hoping to enter Singapore will need to apply for a visa in advance, with limited exceptions. While not visa-free, Singapore does offer reasonable visa options for tourists, business people, workers, and those in transit.

The online application process makes it straightforward for Afghanistan citizens to obtain the appropriate visa. With proper preparation and paperwork, Afghanistan nationals can unlock the wonders of Singapore.


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