Is Amazon in Singapore?

Goh Jun Cheng

As one of the top global tech giants, Amazon’s presence and services in any country have major implications for how consumers shop and businesses operate. So does Amazon have an established presence in Singapore? Let’s dive into the various components of Amazon’s setup locally.

Overview of Amazon in Singapore

Yes, Amazon has been operating and expanding its offerings within Singapore since 2019, though its footprint is still growing. Amazon Singapore enables online shopping through Amazon Prime Now for products shipped from worldwide.

For Singapore enterprises, Amazon Web Services and advertising/seller services help regional businesses leverage Amazon’s platforms. Corporate offices and research centers employ hundreds of local workers.

While not as mature as Amazon India or Japan operations yet, Amazon is making major inroads serving consumers and companies in Southeast Asia from its Singapore hub.

Local E-Commerce and Delivery

For consumers, Amazon Prime Now offers 1-2 hour delivery on tens of thousands of imported products. Shoppers can browse and purchase electronics, home goods, groceries, toys, appliances, clothing and more in the mobile app or on the website.

Amazon utilizes local fulfillment networks and delivery partners to enable quick e-commerce transactions with convenience Singaporeans expect. Free delivery minimums and Prime membership benefits apply.

While selection still lags local chains like NTUC FairPrice and RedMart, Amazon Singapore’s catalog keeps expanding as logistics networks grow.

Cloud Computing and Business Services

Beyond e-commerce, Amazon Web Services dominates cloud computing in Singapore, providing IaaS and PaaS to both government agencies and corporations operating here. Top skill certifications and training are available.

Amazon also enables Singapore companies to become sellers/advertisers on its global marketplace through its onboarding programs. This helps local enterprises access new export channels through Amazon’s platforms and logistics.

Local Hiring and Innovation

To support operations, Amazon has been hiring Singaporean employees especially in engineering and business roles. It also ramps up seasonal staff during peak periods like Prime Day.

Amazon has R&D centers in Singapore working on cloud computing, e-commerce and supply chain breakthroughs. The location supports improving services across Southeast Asian markets.

Future Outlook

As Southeast Asia develops into a key consumer market, Singapore remains central to Amazon’s regional expansion plans through integrated teams and infrastructure to support retail, web services and hiring. Exciting growth lies ahead.

So in summary, yes Amazon has an active presence in Singapore and continues ramping up capabilities to serve consumers and businesses locally plus across wider Asia.

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