How to use Singapore’s EZ-Link Contactless Cards

Goh Jun Cheng

When you’re in the Lion City, using Singapore’s public transportation can become a breeze with EZ-Link contactless cards. This comprehensive guide will walk you through everything you need to know about the EZ-Link card, making your travels across the city easier and more efficient.

What is the EZ-Link Card?

The EZ-Link card is a contactless smart card based on the Sony FeliCa smart card technology that is used for the payment of public transportation fares in Singapore, with limited use in the small retail sector.

Introduced in 2002, it has made travelling on the Mass Rapid Transit (MRT), Light Rail Transit (LRT), taxis, and public buses significantly more convenient.

Why Use an EZ-Link Card?

The card’s main function is to allow for a “touch-and-go” transaction model, minimizing the time spent fumbling for cash or waiting for change. The EZ-Link card is also a more cost-effective choice than purchasing single-ride tickets, especially if you’re planning to travel extensively.

How to Purchase an EZ-Link Card?

You can buy an EZ-Link card at any MRT station, bus interchange, 7-Eleven store, or at the EZ-Link’s Customer Service Centre. It costs S$12, with S$7 stored value and a non-refundable card cost of S$5.

How to Top Up the EZ-Link Card?

You can top up your EZ-Link card at any MRT station, bus interchange, or 7-Eleven store. Recently, EZ-Link has made it easier for users by launching an app, EZ-Link mobile app, where you can top-up your card directly.

Can You Use EZ-Link Cards For Other Things?

Beyond public transport, EZ-Link cards can also be used for Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) and car park charges via the EZ-Link Motoring Card. They can also be used for retail purchases at select outlets that accept EZ-Link payment.

Refunds & Expiry

Every EZ-Link card comes with an expiry date, which can be checked at any ticket machine or via the EZ-Link app. If you are a tourist leaving Singapore or if your card is due to expire, you can get a refund of the remaining value in your EZ-Link card at any TransitLink Ticket Office.

EZ-Link Card Alternatives

For tourists, there’s also the Singapore Tourist Pass (STP), an alternative to the EZ-Link card that allows for unlimited travel on Singapore’s public buses, MRT, and LRT trains for the duration of 1, 2, or 3 days.

The SimplyGo program, launched in 2019, allows commuters to use contactless credit or debit cards for fare payment, effectively functioning as an EZ-Link card.

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