How to get a Singapore Visa With a Local Contact

Goh Jun Cheng


Singapore is a popular destination for both tourism and business. Many foreign nationals looking to enter Singapore will need to obtain a visa. One of the requirements for some Singapore visa types is having a local contact – someone who is a citizen or permanent resident of Singapore. This local contact acts as your sponsor and provides supporting documents for your visa application.

Having a Singaporean local contact can make getting your visa much smoother. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about getting a Singapore visa with the help of a local contact.

Who Needs a Local Contact for their Singapore Visa?

The following types of visas require a local contact in Singapore:

Employment Pass

The Employment Pass is for foreign professionals working in managerial, executive, or specialized jobs in Singapore. Your local contact will be your employer who has offered you a job and is sponsoring your Employment Pass.


The EntrePass is for eligible foreign entrepreneurs looking to start and operate a business in Singapore. Your local contact can be a Singaporean business partner or investor.

Personalized Employment Pass

The Personalized Employment Pass has largely replaced the Employment Pass. It is for high-earning foreign professionals. Your local contact will be your employing company in Singapore.

Training Employment Pass

This work visa is for foreign trainees or interns on short-term work stints in Singapore. Your local contact will be the company sponsoring your training program.

Dependant’s Pass

If you are the spouse or child (under 21) of someone who holds an Employment Pass or Personalized Employment Pass, you can apply for a Dependant’s Pass. Your local contact will be your family member working in Singapore.

Long-Term Visit Pass

Parents can apply for a Long-Term Visit Pass to stay in Singapore if their children are citizens or permanent residents. Their Singaporean children would be the local contacts.

Finding a Local Contact in Singapore

If you need a Singaporean local contact for your visa application, you have a few options:


If you have a job offer from a company in Singapore, they will act as your local contact and sponsor your Employment Pass.

Business partnerships

If you are starting a business, connect with Singaporean entrepreneurs or investors who can be your local contacts.

Relocation agents

There are relocation agents in Singapore who can act as visa sponsors and local contacts for a fee.

Friends & family

If you have friends or family living in Singapore, ask if they are willing to be your local contact.


Marrying a Singaporean citizen will automatically make them your local contact for visa purposes.

Responsibilities of a Singapore Visa Local Contact

As your visa sponsor, your Singaporean local contact will have certain duties. These include:

Providing an employment letter

For work visas, your local contact will provide a letter confirming they are employing you in Singapore.

Signing visa paperwork

Your contact will need to sign and submit various forms and letters to support your visa application.

Acting as guarantor

They will vouch for your good character as part of your visa application.

Providing financial evidence

Your contact needs to show they can support you financially if needed. This is usually only required if the contact is a family member or spouse.

Updating authorities

They must inform Singapore immigration authorities if you break the conditions of your visa.

Applying for a Visa With a Local Contact

Once you have a local contact, they will work with you to prepare your visa application. Here are the general steps:

1. Choose your visa type

Work with your contact to decide which visa is most appropriate for your purpose in Singapore.

2. Get support letters

Your contact will provide the required letter confirming their sponsorship of your visa.

3. Complete the forms

Fill out the relevant visa application forms accurately and completely.

4. Submit fingerprints

You’ll need to provide fingerprints during the application process.

5. Pay the fees

Fees must be paid for each visa application. Your contact may cover this cost.

6. Wait for approval

It can take a few weeks to get visa approval. You cannot enter Singapore until your visa is issued.

7. Collect your visa

Once approved, you or your contact can collect the physical visa to bring to Singapore.

Living in Singapore With a Local Contact

Once your Singapore visa is approved, your local contact will be responsible for you during your stay. Here are some of their ongoing duties:

  • Inform immigration officials if you break visa rules
  • Provide updated letters to support visa renewals and new applications
  • Cover the cost of any fees for visa renewals
  • Monitor that you are complying with the conditions of your visa
  • Provide accommodation if they are a family member or spouse sponsor

You must also keep your local contact informed of any changes to your circumstances that could impact your visa status.


Having a local contact is mandatory for many long-term and work visas for Singapore. Choose your contact wisely, ensure they fully understand their duties, and work closely with them throughout the visa process. With their support, you are much more likely to have a smooth and successful Singapore visa application.


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