Do Armenian Citizens Need a Visa for Singapore?

Goh Jun Cheng

Citizens of Armenia who wish to travel to Singapore for any purpose do need to obtain a proper visa in advance through the standard application process.

Unlike travelers from some other nations, Armenian citizens are not eligible for visa-free entry to Singapore, even for short tourist or social visits.

The only way for Armenian nationals to enter Singapore is to apply for and successfully obtain an appropriate visa before their travel dates.

Types of Singapore Visas Available

There are several visa options Armenian citizens can consider:

  • Tourist visa – For leisure trips to Singapore for up to 30 days. Extensions may be possible.
  • Business visa – For work-related trips including meetings, events, and conferences.
  • Transit visa – For passing through Singapore en route to another country.
  • Work visa – For Armenian citizens relocating to Singapore for employment.
  • Student visa – For those accepted to study full-time at a Singapore institute.

The specific requirements and application process varies based on the type of Singapore visa required.

Applying for a Singapore Visa

To obtain a visa, Armenian citizens must follow these general steps:

  • Determine the right visa type based on your travel purpose
  • Check requirements and prepare all necessary documents
  • Complete the visa application form accurately
  • Pay required visa application fees
  • Schedule an interview at the Singapore embassy if required
  • Submit fingerprints, photos, and passport as needed
  • Wait for visa processing, which can take several weeks

Approval is not guaranteed, so applicants should be diligent in following instructions and provide strong evidence of ties to Armenia to increase chances of success.

Travel Restrictions with a Singapore Tourist Visa

If visiting Singapore as a tourist, some restrictions apply even after obtaining a visa:

  • Cannot work or study in Singapore
  • No extensions beyond initial allowed period (usually 30 days)
  • Must have booked return or onward ticket
  • Additional entry requirements may apply
  • Subject to Singapore customs rules and local laws

Armenian citizens should abide by all terms of their Singapore tourist visa to avoid problems or immigration violations.


In short, Armenian passport holders need to apply for and obtain an appropriate visa before traveling to Singapore. An Electronic Travel Authorization, visa-waiver, or visa-free entry is not available. different visa requirements, any Armenian citizen planning a trip to Singapore should apply early for the right visa through approved channels. This will ensure your ability to enjoy all that Singapore has to offer.

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