Can I Get a Singapore Visa in Two Days?

Goh Jun Cheng


Getting a visa to visit Singapore can seem daunting, especially if you’re in a time crunch. With some preparation and knowledge of the process, it is possible to get a Singapore visa issued in as little as two days in certain circumstances.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk through everything you need to know about getting a rush Singapore visa.

Overview of Singapore Visas

Singapore issues several different types of visas, each with specific purposes, eligibility criteria, and validity periods. The main types of visas are:

Tourist Visa

The most common visa for short-term leisure travel to Singapore. Valid for up to 30 days.

Business Visa

For business trips, meetings, conferences, etc. Valid for up to 3 months.

Employment Pass

For foreign professionals working in Singapore. Issued for 1-2 years. Requires company sponsorship.

Dependent Pass

For spouses and children of Employment Pass holders. Validity matches the primary pass holder.

Student Pass

For international students studying in Singapore. Valid for the duration of the academic program.

Visa Application Process

The standard visa application process involves submitting an online application through the Singapore Visa Application Portal along with supporting documents. Processing times range from 4-10 business days depending on nationality.

To qualify for rush processing, additional steps must be taken:

  • Check visa eligibility criteria carefully
  • Prepare a complete application package with all required documents
  • Make an appointment at a Singapore Visa Application Centre
  • Pay rush processing fees
  • Provide proof of urgent travel (e.g. flight itinerary)

Getting a 2-Day Singapore Visa

With the right circumstances, it is possible to get a Singapore visa issued in as little as two days:

Scenario 1: Previously issued Singapore visa

If you have been issued a Singapore visa within the last 2-5 years that has expired, you may be eligible for an expedited visa re-issue. Processing can be done in as little as 1 day.

Scenario 2: Business or economic urgency

For business travelers who can demonstrate an urgent need to travel to Singapore for high-level meetings, conferences, etc, rush processing may be authorized in 1-2 days. Support letters from employers are required.

Scenario 3: Medical emergency

For emergency medical treatments in Singapore not available locally, visas can be rushed in 1-2 days with documentation from doctors, hospitals, etc.

Scenario 4: Special circumstances

In rare cases, special approval for 2-day visa issue may be given for compassionate reasons like funerals, crises, etc if properly documented.

Tips for Getting a Rush Singapore Visa

  • Book an appointment at a Visa Application Centre early
  • Check processing timelines – some nationalities cannot get 2-day visas
  • Provide extensive documentation of your urgency for faster processing
  • Be prepared to pay rush fees, which can be quite high
  • Have all documents translated and notarized if not in English
  • Be persistent yet polite in following up on your application status


While not guaranteed, it is possible to obtain a Singapore visa in as little as two days in limited cases if you prepare extensively and meet the eligibility criteria.

For most applicants, the fastest processing time is 4-5 days.

Planning well in advance is always recommended to ensure you get your Singapore visa in time for your trip.


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