Are Singapore’s botanic gardens free?

Goh Jun Cheng

The Singapore Botanic Gardens is a renowned horticultural attraction and UNESCO World Heritage Site. Spread across 74 hectares, it boasts lush greenery, themed gardens, conserved forests and historically significant features.

Given its immense popularity among locals and tourists, a natural question arises – is entry to the Botanic Gardens free or does one need to pay for access?

This comprehensive article examines the nuances around admission charges, access routes and visiting the Botanic Gardens.

Brief Background

First established in 1859, the Singapore Botanic Gardens is one of the earliest gardens in Southeast Asia. It was developed from an old plantation site into a leisure garden and scientific hub by early British colonists and landscape designers.

Home to over 10,000 types of plants, it serves multiple functions including research, conservation, education and recreation for the public. The Botanic Gardens’ illustrious history led to its designation as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2015. It attracts over 4.5 million visitors annually.

Main Visitor Entrances – Tanglin & Napier

The Botanic Gardens has four main public entrances – Tanglin Gate, Napier Gate, Tyersall Gate and the new Gallery West Entrance. Tanglin Gate along Cluny Road and Napier Gate along Holland Road are the two main entrances frequented by visitors. Both lead directly to the central areas of the Botanic Gardens housing key attractions like the National Orchid Garden.

Smaller gates like Tyersall serve more as accessory exits. The new Gallery West Entrance provides access from Bukit Timah Road near the Botanic Gardens Visitor Centre which has exhibits on the garden’s history and heritage.

Free Entry for Pedestrians and Cyclists

The vast majority of visitors arrive at the Botanic Gardens on foot or by bicycle. The good news is that entry through these two main gates is completely free of charge for pedestrians and cyclists. One can simply walk or cycle into the Botanic Gardens through Tanglin or Napier Gate without needing to pay any admission fee.

This allows the public to enjoy the Botanic Gardens at no cost. Free entry has enabled generations of Singapore residents to appreciate nature and public gardens. It aligns with the civic mission of the Botanic Gardens as a space for recreation, wellness and environmental education.

Paid Admission Applicable for Vehicles

However, access conditions are different for motorists entering the Botanic Gardens. Vehicles such as cars, taxis and motorcycles need to pay an admission fee to drive into the Botanic Gardens. The vehicle entrance charge is collected at a manned gantry along Tyersall Avenue near Napier Gate.

As of 2023, the vehicle admission fee is $1 per entry during weekdays and $2 per entry on weekends and public holidays. Reserved parking is also available inside for a fee.

The vehicle admission charge aims to manage congestion and road usage within the Botanic Gardens, while keeping access affordable. Vehicles are restricted to certain roads and parking zones to ensure safety for pedestrians. Vehicle entry also requires payment to discourage unnecessary traffic and ensure availability of parking spaces inside the Botanic Gardens.

Separate Ticketing for National Orchid Garden

Both pedestrians and motorists should note that while general entry to the Botanic Gardens is free, the popular National Orchid Garden located within requires separate paid admission.

The National Orchid Garden has thousands of orchid species and hybrids on display. As the Botanic Gardens’ premier showcase attraction, visitors need to purchase tickets priced between $5 to $20 for entry to the Orchid Garden. Tickets can be bought at the Visitor Centre and gates.

Free Entry to Other Attractions

Besides the Orchid Garden, entry to other major attractions within the Botanic Gardens like the rainforest-themed Forest Walk or educational Plant Discovery Centre is free.

Visitors can explore these parts without additional charges. Some private operators within the Botanic Gardens like food & beverage outlets may levy their own charges. But entry to the main walking trails, lakeside boardwalk, eco-gardens and lush landscapes remains free.

Notification for Group Visits

While individual visitors can freely enter the Botanic Gardens any time, organised group visits are subject to notification rules. Groups with over 30 participants need to notify the Botanic Gardens administration beforehand due to space constraints and logistical preparation.

Group visits also need to book a trained guide to facilitate learning. But no fee applies for the Botanic Gardens’ public areas. Proper notification enables the staff to plan group activities smoothly without disrupting other visitors.

Future Plans for Managed Access

Due to rising visitorship, the Botanic Gardens is studying managed access models to better regulate visitor volumes and improve the experience. Options like timed ticketing for tourists during peak periods are considered.

While main parts of the Botanic Gardens will remain free, better visitor flow management through techniques like pre-booking may be implemented for certain zones. But emphasis remains on enabling appreciative public access rather than commercialising the gardens.


In summary, the Singapore Botanic Gardens provides one of the city’s few major green public spaces that people can enjoy without charge. Free pedestrian entry allows its horticultural beauty to be accessible to all.

But vehicular access requires nominal fees for maintenance and congestion management. With some fine-tuning of visitor management policies, the Botanic Gardens can preserve its essence as a sanctuary open to the public while protecting its heritage integrity.

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