Why the Singapore passport is so strong

Goh Jun Cheng

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Singaporean citizens hold the invaluable privilege of having one of the most powerful passports in the world, with visa-free access to an unparalleled number of global destinations. Let’s examine why the Singapore passport ranks #1.

Visa-Free Score and Ranking

According to the 2022 Henley Passport Index, the Singapore passport has a visa-free score of 192, the maximum possible. This gives it the #1 spot out of 199 passports ranked globally.

Singapore shares the top ranking with only Japan and South Korea currently. But Singapore has held the outright #1 position many times over the past 15 years due to its stable visa-free status.

Unmatched Access

The 192 visa-free score means passport holders from Singapore enjoy seamless entry to 192 of 199 countries and territories worldwide.

Only 7 nations remain inaccessible without an application process – mostly politically unstable or isolated regimes like North Korea, Syria and Afghanistan.

Singaporeans have easy entry for tourism, business and transit to leading nations across Europe, Americas, Middle East, Asia Pacific and Africa.

Why So Powerful?

There are several key reasons why the Singaporean passport commands such unmatched global access:

  • Singapore’s political neutrality and lack of conflict improves visa-free acceptance.
  • Its advanced economic status and strategic trade partnerships open doors.
  • Singapore’s low crime rates and strict security make it a trusted country.
  • As an airline hub, Singapore is integrated into global networks.
  • Diplomatic efforts by Singapore’s Foreign Ministry secure new visa agreements.

Benefits for Citizens

The passport’s broad visa-free status provides Singaporean citizens enormous life and career advantages:

  • Easy overseas travel, employment, education and business opportunities.
  • Ability to efficiently conduct international business.
  • Stronger expatriate prospects in dozens of countries.
  • More options for emigration and expanded lifestyle horizons.
  • Preferential access and visas for tougher destinations like China, Brazil and Russia.
  • Strong public healthcare coverage through MediShield Life while overseas.


With unparalleled global mobility, the Singaporean passport is an invaluable asset for the nation’s citizens, underscoring the advantages of their citizenship status. It’s a powerful reminder that in our globalized world, passport strength matters immensely.

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