Why Singapore is the best place to live

Goh Jun Cheng

Singapore is consistently ranked as one of the world’s most livable cities. Various global surveys and indices place the city-state at the very top for quality of life based on diverse criteria.

What makes Singapore such an outstanding country to live and thrive in?

Here are the key strengths that come together to make Singapore an exceptionally livable nation.

Safety and Security

Singapore is one of the safest and most secure places to live globally. Violent crime is rare and overall crime rates are low. There is strong rule of law and strict penalties for criminal activities. The country also remains alert against terrorism without being paranoid. Residents enjoy peace of mind in their neighborhoods and trust the local police service. Low crime promotes social stability for productive community life and attracts expatriates.

Clean, Green Environment

Although densely urban, Singapore maintains lush greenery across the island through meticulous horticultural maintenance. Parks, gardens, tree-lined roads and nature reserves provide relaxing green recreation spaces amid the metropolis. With abundant vegetation and water bodies, the ecosystem remains healthy. Pollution is well-managed to prevent deterioration in living conditions. Singapore lives up to its City in a Garden identity.

Efficient Infrastructure and Connectivity

Singapore boasts world-class infrastructure that enables smooth mobility and connectivity. Its roads, buses, metro system and taxis facilitate affordable public transportation for all. The ultra-modern Changi Airport connects Singapore to global cities. Internet speeds are among the fastest globally. Well-developed infrastructure and connectivity enhance accessibility and mobility essential for individuals. Businesses also benefit from seamless logistics and supply chains enabling economic activities.

Vibrant Lifestyle and Leisure

Beyond safety and infrastructure, abundant leisure and lifestyle options make Singapore a dynamic, vibrant place to live. Myriad retail malls, restaurants, cultural attractions, nature sites and events calendar provide diverse recreational and lifestyle choices suiting varied tastes and interests. Singapore offers enriching options for healthy living beyond just work. New attractions like the National Gallery and Jewel Changi constantly enhance the vibrancy.

Cosmopolitan Hub Status

Singapore’s cosmopolitan openness as a crossroads city also boosts livability. The diverse population welcomes expatriates and cross-cultural interactions. English is the common language facilitating communication. Amenities and foods cater to international preferences. Singapore serves as the gateway between the East and West – a role that creates economic opportunities and also enriches its multicultural social fabric. The country embraces both globalization and local traditions.

Stable Politics and Policies

The government’s long-term stable governance provides reassurance to citizens and businesses. Consistent policies foster economic dynamism. Peaceful politics with ethnic and religious sensitivity cultivates social cohesion. Measured reforms evolve the country while respecting fundamental principles that led to Singapore’s success. A competent civil service administers policies effectively for public benefit. Stable politics and governance deliver the needed certainty for individuals to flourish.

Affordable Housing

Underlining livability is affordable public housing built extensively by the government. Around 80% of the population resides in subsidized HDB apartments which cater to middle-income households. Public housing curbs speculative pressures and enables citizens to achieve property ownership. While not the lowest cost globally, home ownership remains within the means of most Singaporeans, enhancing quality of life.

Sound Education and Healthcare

Reliable public education and healthcare provide children and families the foundations for personal advancement. Heavily-subsidized hospital care and medications control costs. Schooling is affordable while maintaining competitive quality to sharpen work skills. Singapore invests to keep education and healthcare accessible by managing costs without compromising effectiveness. This creates an ecosystem for human capital development.

Convenience of Modern Comforts

Livability is also a function of how effortless daily needs like transport, food and payments can be met. Singapore’s user-centric urban planning minimizes unnecessary hassles through thoughtful infrastructure design, making conveniences available everywhere. Small touches like ubiquity of digital payments or air-conditioning make Singapore living efficient and comfortable.

By focusing on societal convenience, Singapore creates time for what matters, be it recreation, family or personal growth.


In totality, Singapore offers an outstanding living environment by holistically addressing the spectrum spanning security, Urban amenity, infrastructure efficiency, community and cultural vibrancy, and convenience. Superior livability goes hand-in-hand with economic success, reflecting calculated choices to yield a place where life and aspirations can thrive to the fullest.

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