Understanding Singapore’s Kindness Movement

Goh Jun Cheng

Singapore is widely recognized as an orderly, clean and safe society. But in recent years the government has been actively encouraging even greater civic-mindedness through the Kindness Movement.

What is the Kindness Movement?

Launched in 1997 by the Singapore Kindness Movement (SKM), the Kindness Movement aims to cultivate kind acts, gracious behavior and courtesy across the nation.

It was an initiative started by the Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth and now has support from both public and private organizations.

The goal is to create a more gracious society by inspiring Singaporeans to be more compassionate, caring and considerate in daily life.

Key Initiatives

The Kindness Movement runs various events and programs to promote its message:

  • The Singa the Courtesy Lion mascot reminds people to be polite.
  • Kindness hackathons bring youth together to brainstorm kindness activities.
  • SKM introduced the annual Singapore Kindness Day.
  • Kindness awards recognize citizens and organizations making an impact.
  • Free courses on kindness and empathy are offered.

Impact on Society

The Kindness Movement has helped make courteous actions more ingrained over the past 25 years through education and outreach.

Small everyday acts like giving up seats on public transit, holding doors open and returning trays at hawker centers have become more commonplace. Singapore is seen as more gracious today.

Though there is still room for improvement, the initiative has been instrumental in fostering community values. Its volunteer networks and educational resources continue to promote kindness nationwide.

Get Involved

Visitors to Singapore can participate by being considerate of others while in public. Locals are encouraged to sign up to volunteer with the SKM.

Together, we can build a more caring and gracious Singapore through greater empathy and understanding!

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